Hunting for beginners, or “The hard thing is the trouble – the beginning!”

What is most important in the hunting craft? Good gun? Brand ammo? Rover outfit? Maybe the ability to shoot straight? It will not follow.

It was a “hunter according to the penitentiary gun hunter,” It is a fact that it was gained in practice.

So let’s start with a gun

Which one to choose?

You’ll have 1-1.5 seconds to fly out. If you are a woman, do not be lazy. It was a fact that until 1970, then it was the baseboard.

Piece rifles, of course, were not produced, but the price is exorbitant. It will be incredibly lucky; it doesn’t significantly affect the quality of the shot.

The most important qualities of a gun …

… it is a uniform scree of shot, (the distance between the pellets after the dispersion should be)

Third – caliber

Start with the twelfth, more fraction, less wounded game. With experience, you will reduce the caliber. It’s not a bad idea.

Remember, it’s a “choke,” that’s a long-range shot. So, shoot closer to the bottom, and to the far left.

Shooting practice

How do you take it? How do you take it? However, this sends a small time for targeting. It can be used to calculate the air temperature. Only practice will be able to shoot intuitively.

It is a good idea to get there. water. If you’re a chance, you’ll be able to follow up.

The eye should also be developed.

If you’re a 30–40 meters long, 50–40 meters long, 50–40 meters high, animal, seven pots will go. Otherwise you are not a hunter.

Arrange the landmarks at a distance of 15, 20, 25, 30 and up to one hundred meters away. Then, determine some object, determine the distance in steps. Your eye’s accuracy over time.


The equipment has been shipped. It can be measured only by weight, no measurements. Fraction, also by weight, pharmacy scales – friend of the hunter, not a drug addict. Do not get carried away. In winter, you can increase the weight of the powder by 0.1 – 0.2 grams from the nominal, no more.

It is a ballistic effect that it can be used to make it. Another thing, if you are prone to masochism and baldetet from bruises on his shoulder.

If necessary, it can be used as a result of the pulping powder: talcum powder, flour or starch . For a long time such cartridges cant be stored; the powder can be compressed and hardened. This is a very tedious pattern. But it will not be necessary, if it is lubricated.

It is a rule of thumb for a person who has been a scraper of the scroll.


The best disguise is patience. It is good if you have a “scraps” that corresponds to the movement. Therefore, maintaining a stillness before any inconspicuous clothing, you will already be disguised.

You need to stepping from heel to toe. First affirm the heel amongst the deadwood, then toe. Only cats can move completely silently. Fairy tales. However, try to make as much as possible while moving.


Remember how to remove your weapon from just before the shot. If you are not in the bush shooting area.

In general, learn to shoot a bird in years, and safer, and gambling. You can’t get … ity … … … … … … … … … … … … over a snag and break it.

Old cartridges or prefabricated primers for capsizing briskly detonate sometimes. You are in the heat after trying to change the cartridge as soon as possible. You can take a shot of the jet lining, you can take a shot of the jet

Therefore, it is important to follow the rules of the movement. Do not push back into the cartridge belt, more expensive.

And – don’t drink while hunting! If you’re drinking water, you’re

Here is a very brief, “Gallop across Europe”


Vladimir Aralbaev

Hunting for beginners, or &# 171; Damn trouble – the beginning!&# 187;

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