Hunting grouse with a gun, snares and dogs

The best way to test survival skills is hunting. And not necessarily bring a gun to bring no less benefit. You’re going to catch. It is not necessary to make it so that you can get it.

And what are the ways of practical application. Once again. So today we will talk about hunting grouse.


For a start – general information about grouse. This is a small bird of the order kuroobraznyh, whose weight rarely exceeds 500 grams. It flies well, leads to a sedentary lifestyle. Males from females are difficult to visually distinguish. The voice signal is a long and thin whistle, sometimes with modulations. Berries b inse inse It inhabits all of Eurasia, mainly in the boreal forests, the Arctic Circle.

In it’s boron game, which includes others. pheasants living in forests. Hunting grouse It may be possible (downward, mainly). This is a very important point to find out where you can travel.

As for the practical application, the grouse has long been considered a delicacy. It is clear that it can be a bit lighter, and it can be a little bit brighter than any other spicy bitterness. It can be saved, unless it can be made from it. You can cook, simmer, roast on a spit, bake and so on.

Hunting grouse with danking

Pretty easy way hunting grouse, Because these birds are slightly obtuse and respond to a decoy. Nevertheless, he has a number of his tricks and subtleties. So.

Monkey, which are sold in hunting stores, most often imitate females. Since he is a lot easier to follow, he has clearly been a witness to his intentions and responds well. It is necessary to make it.

You need to play three “voices”. Energetic – to summon females, weaker – to provoke a competitor, chatter – to the bottom. This is if you have a decoy, imitating the voice of a male. If you are at home, you will be able to reproduce three “voices” at the stage of approach. If you want to know how to do this, you need to know how to complete this complex science.

Let’s say they learned. Now tactics. Hunting grouse It doesn’t wake up before 9 o’clock. There is no need for interfere with shooting. Ideal – coniferous woodland. It is very smoothly and carefully. The interval between semolina applications is 10-15 minutes. If the question is grouse responded, we will not wait for a few minutes. The main thing – do not confuse the decoys, “voice” and tempo. Do not need to hurry.

There are several options for further development. hunting grouse:

  • Heard the approach. It doesn’t respond in response. Some lethargic males – too. It is quite a bit more than 20 steps – it’s quite easy to get it. So wait for the bird to sit on the stationary, albeit small, target.
  • Heard the tramp. So it runs loudly. Excellent target.
  • Hazel saw you. You can safely leave it, and you can use it.
  • Hazel grouse responded. Try to determine who the style and decoys are. Do not intercept the initiative. Observe the interval. If everything went well, see your target. But there may be terms. This is a “current” response. You will have to wait for the birds and wait for them. It is a grouse responded, but it doesn’t get it, for example. You need to wait and not be persistent. Another option is a “married couple”. It is necessary to overclock and lure each bird separately.
  • Hazel did not respond. There is no contact area. If you are firmly confident in the second version, then continue to beckon, changing voices and decoys. If not, change the place.
  • Hazel grouse responded, echoes, but does not fit. And it sounds strange. Congratulations, you met a colleague. It is not a good idea to try it on the territory for hunting.

Hunting grouse with snares

Territorial territorial bird. Therefore, it is necessary to end up in the nearby territory. And then repeat the procedure. Some hunters are so far away. Since this is the most importantly, it’s been at least once a day. Otherwise, your predators will spoil your predators gourmand local predators. According to statistics, with a long-range snares lost. For the rest, this method hunting grouse simple and effective.

  • It is not necessary to deflect.
  • We find a thick branch, usually only leaving the opposite direction.
  • The diameter of the ringlet must be at least 30 cm.
  • 10 centimeters in diameter.
  • There is no way for two branch.
  • We put the branch on the back.
  • On the sides of the looped rowan berries.

Actually, everything. Fritters What does the bird sit on? Unfortunately, after October, they switch to the winter mode and begin to hunting grouse drops to almost zero.

Hunting grouse with a dog

Slightly more complicated than the silks, but much easier to hunt with the decoys. What is actually the case. If you’re a dog, you can’t find a dog It is not a sign of the hunter. The dog is distanting attention. As a result, getting into such a grouse becomes quite simple. It is worth it.

Hunting and fishing

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