Hunting knife Benchmade Bone Collector Small Skinner

General this knife manufacturer is positioned as a hunting. Well, in fact, it’s really just a little skinner. Ordinary small hunting knife. Although, perhaps, hunters this phrase will seem strange.

However, for me this knife not associated with hunting. More precisely, it is not associated with the usual hunt. The tree of cocobolo has been knocked out. Bone collector – Bone collector. A sort of small knife for a maniac.

I’ll still do it.

Benchmade Bone Collector Small Skinner

  • Blade Material: Steel D2
  • Hardness (Hrc): 60-61
  • Blade Coating: Stone wash
  • Handle mounting: Full Tang
  • Handle Material: Cocobolo Tree
  • Scabbard Material: Leather
  • Blade length: 68 mm.
  • Knife length: 160 mm.
  • Butt thickness: 3.5 mm.
  • Weight: 91 gr.

Bone Collector Small Skinner – this is “warm and lamp” knife. It is a green-green mykarta, the point is … yes, the whole thing. Of course, it’s quite differently than artificial materials. It makes it a bit loosened by the hands.

And yes, the knife is small. It’s really small skinner. That is a skinning knife, for skinning. I am not sure if I’m not so sure.

With all this knife turned out very serious. Let’s start with the steel D2. This is not some kind of Kizlyar supri, but Benchmade. They know how to work with this steel. Then look at the butt with a serious 3.5 mm. And in general, very beautiful descents almost from the butt.

Notice, I want to talk about the knife. There is no particular doubt. But I don’t want to dwell on the functional features. Yes, and there is no special meaning. It is especially true that you’re especially interested in animating and piercing-cutting objects.

Bone collector – this is such you know, a little painting. More precisely, no … Zvivorez. Call in hunting for hunting Bone collector?! And even more so – skull on the handle and the sheath?

Oh yes, the sheath! It is clear that it can be worn.

What is interesting – despite the children’s size and overall size (including weight) the knife, in the hand Small skinner sits very confidently and is not perceived at all weightless. The thumb is very conveniently placed on the tip (small). It is true that the handles, it is slipping without gloves, It is not a good idea to use it, although it is not necessary. It is a “hook” only when a knife You work in a glove.

Shortly speaking knife bone collector actually leaves a very pleasant impression. And, I feel, will walk through the forest. Not for any specific purpose, but just for the soul.

It’s not a problem. hunting knife will remain unclaimed. I love you …

But in fact, the knife has Benchmade turned out very warm and lively. Compact sets, it stands out in general. It is not a clear concept of the knives.

Perhaps, from the knives that you are closest in sensation, you can recall the Finns J.Mattiini or the same Benchmade Lone Wolf series, it feels closer to much more expensive knives Katz or knives from Buck Alpha or Ranger series.

So yes – I got another pet. You can also walk in the woods.


Hunting knife Benchmade Bone Collector Small Skinner

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