Hunting knife do it yourself at home

Most hunters agree that, in addition to the gun, it is necessary to have a knife while hunting. Its purpose is the most varied: for cutting carcasses and protecting against the attack of the beast, for performing various chores – cutting wood and branches, building a hut, cooking food, making other tools and self-defense. Thus, taking into account the functions performed, it is extremely difficult to purchase a universal knife in the store. But each hunter can build a hunting knife with his own hands for himself, taking into account all the individual requirements.

  • Hunting Dagger Features
  • 2 DIY hunting knife: video
    • 2.1Blade sanding a smaller grain
    • 2.2 How to make a hunting knife at home: making a handle

Hunting Dagger Features

hunting knife

Photos of hunting knives with their own hands suggests that most handles are made of wood. It lies comfortably in your hand, comfortable when used in the winter in the cold.

It is necessary to make a blank from a wooden bar, on the one hand of which you should make an even cut to fit the sleeve, and on the other, drill out the cavity to place the shank. It is also necessary to drill a rivet hole on one side. With the help of epoxy glue, the handle is placed on the shank, a brass bar is inserted in place of the hole for the rivet, the excess part is cut off and sealed. The surface of the wooden handle is processed and polished. It can be coated with oil to protect the surface of the wood, or varnished. For the convenience and safety of carrying weapons you can make the sheath. You can use the same tree, for example, bark, or leather. At the same time, guides for the knife, as well as a hole for water drainage, metal rings for fastening to a belt are formed inside the sheath.

With such a knife hunting will bring only pleasure.

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