Hunting – what is it for us today?

Hides for tailoring. In addition, it was a warrior.

But it has not been obvious. If you’re trying to get dressed, you’ll be able to get dressed up

It is also necessary to distinguish the path of earning a living. It gives you what to hunt? It is an inexplicable pattern of nature. It is a privilege.

And yet, despite the financial costs, many people buy safes, guns, ammunition, It is a way of life and everyday household problems. It can be seen by the hunt, that is, it is a hunt, it can be hunted by the hunt, it can be hunt is picking berries and mushrooms.

It is true that the health of the body is a lot of exercise. air strengthens and hardens the body. Gradually, with experience, observation, endurance, agility, strength. Firearms, composure, orientation, path, hunter, warrior, warriors in antiquity.

Text writer – Sergey Sevostyanov

Hunting and fishing

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