Hunting without weapons. The simplest traps – how to make?

Even since time immemorial, a man learned to get food. Food extraction perfectly. Of course, where to think on an empty stomach? But when full, the most it!

One of the main ways of providing food traps and of traps, and everything that crawled, walked, flew, floated and somehow moved. It is a kind of tragedy.

It is still a trap. Firstly, prospectors, hunted fur of animals, hunters living in areas. There are many ways to learn how to survive.

It would be useful to make a difference between people. What for? But how much things happen in life. An improperly planned expedition, a lost, an unsuccessful parachute jump, or an whatever. As they say, the best weapon is knowledge. Therefore, they are So …

Trap – types and methods of manufacturing

The line is a fishing line, a line of parachute straps, a tendon fibers, etc. It can be used as a baseline. For example, it is necessary to make it possible to make it possible to make it possible to make it possible to make it up. Consider several types of traps. trap

Regularly walk on. The free end is securely fixed between the four pegs. The spiked pole stretches along the path. The trap acts as a straightened spring.

Crushing trap

Trap for birds

  • The loop is made of rope.
  • It is simply the wind that hangs loosely from the sides (therefore, it is unlikely to work out).
  • For a loop knit knit.
  • The fishing line is pushed through the hole in the log. This nodule is placed between the entrance of the perforation into the hole of the log.
  • The goods in limbo.

The bird sits on the bait. This bundle slips into the hole. Line up

Protein trap

Squirrel’s tree. Squirrels are naturally lazy. And if there is a possibility. The protein naturally becomes frightened and jumps down. It is suspended, and it is suspended.

To be continued …

Hunting without weapons. Simplest traps &# 8212; how to make?

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