Hunting without weapons: the simplest traps – snares

It was clear that there was no doubt that it would make it possible to make it. It has been noted that the hunt has been overlaid by the supermarkets.

In the wake of the firearms.

Traps are most often used for catching birds or small animals. It can be used in the economy.


The most simple and uncomplicated trap are snares. It is a loop made from nylon thread, horsehair, fishing line, metal wire, etc. Brass wire 0.5-2.2 mm thick will be practical in use. It is a lever or a springy tree. The loop can be tied up by the animal itself.

Silks can be installed near the mink of the beast – this burrows. And on the animal trail is tropic loops. It becomes inconspicuous to the beast. It was necessary to make it through the wire through it.

Normal loops

Forest goggles, gophers, badgers The trap is suspended in mink diameter to a height of 3-4 fingers. Trying to get it free of charge. In another case, it is possible to set the loop as possible. It is a time when the prey is preserved.

The figure below shows the entrance to the mink. Peg driven into a loop. The loop is located at the mink and is located at a distance of several centimeters from it. Top – protected by tubular bone.

Tropic loops


shallow water, in shallow waters, in shallow waters, The trap is placed in the middle. Between the stakes there are several passes, where 2-3 loops are suspended nearby. This is a line made up of a loop. These traps are called “towns” (see picture).


Loop trap

A loopback trap is also used. A small loop wrapped around a tree stick or pole. The shape of the loop. In the case of the squirrel to the scatter. A few loops. Climbing or descending on such a stick, the squirrel will surely fall into the trap. She doesn’t have to hang her hair.

The springs

version of the simplest catch. There is no need for a bent by an arc. The branch should be trimmed from the leaves. The loop is fixed with a trigger. It is taken as follows, forged at the end. The stump. The puppet of the animal hangs in the air. It will raise the tree. It is better to use it.


When installing traps Make sure that you don’t have any problems. It is a mile away. Grass soaked in grass, soaked with grass juice and earth. If you smoke, you shouldn’t clean your hands. Need to disguise the dirt.

If you are hungry, do not stay hungry. After all the traps, they’re all traps. We recommend that you follow these guidelines for the trays.

Hunting without weapons: the simplest traps &# 8212; snares

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