Hurricane in Moscow: Inaction of the Ministry of Emergency Situations or

The strongest Hurricane, swept yesterday afternoon over the Moscow region

This is the most recent at the time of the article. 11 people died in Moscow and 5 in the Moscow region. Another 150 people (including 22 children) were hospitalized, but about 50 people today have already been discharged and have gone home.

The brunt of the elements It has reached 25 meters per second.

It is clear that the Internet has reached a distance of the Internet. It was not a good idea.

More than 800 buildings, uprooted more than a thousand large trees. About 2 thousand cars were damaged.

The area got too much. Although it was 4 thousand fallen trees, several thousand damaged buildings. The hurricane de-energized almost 300 settlements (more than a thousand private houses).

Scale, and more than impressive. Municipal services are still necessary. But the families of the victims …

It’s not possible to say that it’s not a problem.

However, there is one “but” …

And where was the MOE before the hurricane in Moscow?

Let’s return to the beginning of the article. If you’re screaming for a bit, you couldn’t have been It is a scandalous effect.

There is a terrible blackness and horror over your head? Where is the instinct of self-preservation? Where is the logic?

If the element is caught on the road. And if you know in advance, saw a warning – postpone sipping hot tea. But was there a warning?

Now the network is full of controversy – The Ministry of Emergency Situations

We did a little research on tornado in Moscow and MES alerts and gathered a few facts. He said that he would not be able to help.

1. It is impossible to accurately predict such cataclysms.

Yes exactly. “Forwarding the winds of 35 m / s” can be expected. It can be used to estimate the approximate winding, winding, and so on. But hell of a wind for 100 m / s today at 15:53


2. The Ministry of Emergency Situations

The winds of 20-25 m / s

This is what you’ve confirmed for your country’s news bulletins.

In addition, the information was re-passed to the cellular operators on Monday, around 12:00 pm Moscow time, just before the onset of the hurricane.

3. SMS notification of a hurricane in Moscow and the region was

It was not clear that it was not a problem.

Only 20-30% of users received SMS like “storm warning, wind over 20 m / s in Moscow and Moscow Region from 13 hours”. It is extremely difficult to send several million messages simultaneously. Well, you can save money.

However, according to our information …

4. Push notifications should not be received by all users.

If you’re listening to your message, it’s not a bad thing.

However, our small study again showed that about 30-40% of users received notifications. It’s not possible to use it for advertising purposes.

5. Or maybe your negligence and disregard?

Let’s be honest, you’ll get it.

If you’re on the phone, you’ll be able to get in touch with you. I’m not sure if I’m not happy, I’m not sure if I’m not happy. And so that some wind at 20 m / s could spoil these plans.

The winding of 5 m / s and the wind of 20 m / s. Here is a table for clarity:

So, a hurricane in Moscow and 16 dead – who is to blame?

It turns out that it was necessary for the city of “Attention !!! Hellish piz is coming! Immediately hide the children, write a will! AAA !!! We all will die !!! “

No, there are of course those above, reacted adequately. Honor and praise them. But most – could not. Because they are accustomed to a safe and secure life in the city. It is not a threat to life.

Yes, there is no need for a wide range of laws. Yes, there are social networks, other media, means and methods. There is a lot of information about what’s going on.

But let’s be honest – we are relaxed. It’s clear how it’s possible to make it out. ”, Which is a long and happy life.

I understand that we have such cataclysms once in 10-15 years. But still …

So who is to blame?

Yes, no one is to blame. It is a nature that is unpredictable, unpredictable. Even in such cities like Moscow.

P.S. Sincerely condole

11 killed in Moscow: Inaction of the Ministry of Emergency Situations or the negligence of citizens?

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