Husky Falcon tent overview – after 8 years of operation!

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I’m happy, I’m not happy, I’m not happy, but I’m not happy. . And of course from hordes of bloodthirsty insects and wild animals.

It was true then it will be true Husky falcon, It is a fact that after 8 years of operation. Well, in conclusion. Go!

I really bought it 8 years ago. I had to say that I had and took it. And since then, never regretted.

But first, a little about its characteristics …

Specifications Husky Falcon 2-3

Manufacturer Husky (Slovakia)
Weight, kg 3.4
Skirt there is
Size of the inner tent, cm 220x160x130 cm
Awning Polyester Ripstop 210T 6000mm
Inner tent nylon (190T)
Number of tambours 2
Bottomomomomom Polyester 190T 10000mm
Frame Duralum (2 + 1 pcs)
Ventilation there is
Number of inputs 2
Size, cm 45×26
Frame material Duralumin
Water resistance of an awning, mm century 6000
The size 340x220x130 cm
Bottom water resistance 10,000
Number of seats 2

It is essentially an extreme tent. It will be clear further.


If you’ve been stitched with two straps, with fact-buckles. After packing the tent, you can tighten the slings and squeeze the cover, thereby reducing the volume. The tent is well fixedly on the backpack.

There is a lot of things you need to go through.

It is also an instruction for assembling and installing a tent.

A little more detail on the repair kit. For example, it’s a durable stitched ouch, gg gg gg gg gg gg gg gg

I have never used the repair kit.

Setting up a tent

We will build a tent. First, straighten the frame and guides. One of the long

Immediately pay attention to first problem, It is a fact that it is not a noticeable fact.

In the model, it is not possible to enter the “pockets” of the structure. In the corners of the frame, it is the most common form of tins. For example, it’s clear that you can’t make it up. The corners of the ring are fastened to the metal ring (see below). There are only two such lines, and they go along the exits of the tent.

At the top point, where there is a guideline on the thin line. Pay attention to guideline made of aluminum (supplied). This is a short guide.

Next, straighten the ground and look at it. Sealed and “not killed”, mosquito net, for improved ventilation. The photo also shows two entrances to the tent.

It is easy to use. In the photo below – the central upper mount. It is a strong “rip-stop” awning fabric.

It is a frame guides.

Second problem, mosquito nettings caused by long-term operation. At the same time, these gaps are what they exclude.

It is a little torn and then wired by me. But this is my “cant” – I climbed in and out of the equipment, without seeing it.

There are no clasps for you to wear.

Now we’ve been fastened to the world. For loops of stitched strings.

The skirt of the awning. This is a skirt (pictured below).

No photo below shows the same sling fixing the tent in length. Make a difference. It is a side winding.

We stretch the awning – and get a great platform. It can be, if necessary, be like this …

Or even a little wider. You can estimate the size of the vestibule – a large backpack, shoes, camp accessories. And there are two such vestibules.

Everything, the tent is established, beauty and only!
In the photo below it can be seen.

The position of the closed position. Low, streamlined (again, good with strong wind), protective color – with thick underbrush! =)

Inside view

Now open it again and look inside. In the photo, it is a dug, tucked and fixed.

Inside of the tent. Copyright law instructions for using the tent.

This is a small rubber loop loop.


This review can be completed. And then it follows from all to this conclusions. It is undoubtedly comfortable to ensure it can be safe from the weather. It is easier to get around the world.

In the summer, In the summer, In the summer, In the summer, In the summer, In the summer, In the summer, In the summer, In the summer, In the summer “As a result, this is still a solid and reliable tent.

It is a bit worn out, it can be seen. And, yes, it’s seam was still holding. I’m talking about what I’m talking about, I’m not talking about

Husky Falcon tent for all years of use.


  • Great weight. Here is the weight of the person. For 2 people, one such tent is quite OK. Although I went alone and dragged her with me often.
  • It is difficult to make it. Together – easy.


  • Durability and Reliability
  • Convenience
  • Well suited for overall and tall people (I weigh 110kg, with a height of 189 cm).
  • Ideal for two travelers.
  • Good investment (it’s not worth it!)

Learning to take care of things!

And of course, it’s hardly possible to live for so long.

It is a rule of thumb for a very long time:

  • Respectful attitude The Package, The Case, The Parts, The Case, The Parts, The Case
  • Never don’t pull and do not close / open lightning bolts sharp! if the zipper seizes or chokes – open, check and fasten again.
  • Never nothing don’t pull with wild power, hoping for “A, will withstand!”, a rubber band, etc.
  • The most vulnerable spot of all frame tents is frame guides! Therefore, always – carefully connect and disconnect! Slowly and carefully pushing the tents out of the fabric carefully!
  • Fold the tent carefully, Do not roll and shove anyhow! If possible – an awning separate, the interior separately. Expand check and fold again!
  • Pegs carefully packed from dirt / earth to clean (grass, sand, cloth).
  • Guides (I repeat once again – the most vulnerable place) to fold and pack carefully and carefully!
  • After each hike – mandatory drying all make up tents!
  • After drying – thorough styling while it is not tightened, it should not be kept free.
  • Storing tents – At the home in the closet.

It is a good thing for a long time! =)

Thanks for attention!


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