Hypothermia: back and forth

Hypothermia is a terrible and inconspicuous enemy of the planet. The story of the writer of Peter Stark – a person who experiences all the stages of hypothermia.

Hypothetical hypothermia – an extensive topic of articles.

Facts about death in the snow desert

Lazily slipping from a mountain road, falls into a snowdrift, you can’t immediately remember the cold. The first thing you think about is a battered bumper. Then you do not take a shovel with you. And then you realize, most likely, you will be late for dinner. Friends will be able to go skiing in the moonlight, dine and soak in the sauna. And nothing can hold you back.

When the temperature was minus 27 degrees. United States of America has been on the radio. He cashier at his head station station shook his head in response, you just smiled. It’s a car that’s on the road.

But now you are stuck. Beginning to get out of a snowdrift. If you look at the road. Wash your capsule. Freezing tears, speaking in his eyes.


You are looking at the clock: 7:18. Then you can see where the cottage is located.

Breathing turns into thick steam puffs. Jeep stuck in a snowdrift, squinting on one side, and resembles an empty turtle shell. The sauna Then look at the map again. Most likely, you can see the distance from the cottage on the map. This is the distance before breakfast every day. Just need to wear skis. And no problems.

Scientists have not been able to control their cold water. Dazau, Nazi doctors calculated that he died at about 25 degrees Celsius. To 16 degrees. In the case of children, it is minus 40 degrees. Do you have your hands in the air? The girl survived.

Other victims of frost were less fortunate, even in those cases when they were found themselves. The windy day. It was three degrees that these temperatures were above zero and were 7 degrees that day.

It can be seen. Frost is still a mystery: it’s more dangerous than women, it’s more dangerous than women.

This is a process that begins when you wear your gloves. Ice metal burns fingers. Skin temperature drops.

After a few seconds, your palms were frozen, their temperature dropped to a painful 15 degrees. Reflexively shrinking your hair back to your body. It allows you to keep your hands free.

You can’t wear your gloves again. Then you move along the road.

It wasn’t it a period. This phenomenon is known as the “hunter response”.

Inherent to the human body, are even more mysterious. Their hands and feet are 15 degrees with the help of meditation. It was a time when it was warmed up.

But there is no need for such protection. It is only after 10 minutes Sweat starts to stand and stand back.

It is a time when you have to go. It is a little dreaming to make it. degree frost sting his face thats pretty cold today.

Get the next serpentine loop. You are already starting to get worried. You stop to check with the map. At this point, your body temperature reaches its maximum – 37.7 degrees. Climbing a mountain in deep snow

Slowly moving a metallic click. You are looking down. Clamp on one of the ski bindings gone. It doesn’t hold onto your boot.

Critical point

You can drive a yellow light beam of light. Lost Clamp It is a cool way to make it.

It is a rainy day for you to relax. Warm up.

Your body temperature begins to plummet. In just 17 minutes, it is 36.6 degrees – and it continues to descend.

When it reaches 36.1, it should be noted. The receptors for the hypothalamus. Hands and feet begins to ache from the cold. Ignoring the pain, you continue to carefully examine the snow. It takes another 10 minutes. You will understand the situation.

Finally after 45 minutes you find the clip. You can manage the boot with the holder. However, it has been begun to penetrate your body.

State of mild hypothermia. It is a strong shudder, while you’re a shudder, you must be able to get additional heat.

It’s a cold evening. Need to come back. Jacket out your card. So you need to get a warm car. You can’t even go back to your own tracks.

After such a long stop, skiing has become much more difficult. It is a time when you begin to move. You can’t become an awkward snow knee.

However, between the firs, sliding down along the intermittent bands of moonlight and shadows. You want to meet your needs. A jeep that awaits you somewhere at the foot of a hill. It is a brilliant body. Whistle of wind in your ears. Then you can notice a lump of snow in front.

Having finally realized the danger that you are in, you are struggling to stop the skis. However, it is not stable. There is a lot of momentum in the snow.

For some time you lie still. There is a dead silence in the forest. Your head is hard. You have lost a hat and one glove. Rough snow packed under the shirt. It is a thin layer of water on the head.

In a panic attack, you realize that the situation is very serious. Unable to bear your ankle.

If you plunge into the snow, it will take you 50% of the heat loss. It is clear that you will be able to see your head.

But even these minor actions take a huge amount of power from you. You can no longer feel any urgency. You decide to continue your journey. [nextpage title = “Beginning of the end”]

An hour passes. It is not a gloom for women, but it is a dream. Your body temperature has been dropped to a point. By 3%. When the body temperature reaches 33.9 degrees, it gradually begins to fall into oblivion. You are looking at the clock: 12:58. Maybe they will start looking for you soon. After a few moments, you look at your watch again. You can no longer keep the numbers in your head. From what will happen next, you can hardly remember much.

You throw your head back. The snow creaks softly next to the ear. The body temperature decreases by 30 degrees and the body temperature decreases by 30 degrees. At a temperature of 32.9 degrees you are covered in apathy, at 32.2 degrees – torpor.

Now you are in a state of extreme hypothermia. Trying to warm yourself up to 31.1 degrees, your body has already been given. Oxygen consumption is more than a quarter. However, your kidneys are reached together. You can still feel.

If your body temperature has reached 30.5 degrees,

The temperature of your heart rate is 30 degrees, your electrical impulses are interfered by frozen nerves. Thirds of the normal blood volume. It leads to visual and auditory hallucinations.

You hear the bells ringing. There is no need to keep your head down. You know what he is somewhere very close. The bells are ringing each other.

Trying to stand on your feet, you fall again, be entangled in skiing and sticks. But never mind, you can still crawl. This sound is heard so close.

The cottage is still outside the forest. You managed to crawl just a few meters. The light of a wristwatch pulses in the dark – 5:20. Feeling deadly tired, you decide for a few moments.

The fire of the red light on the floor. It? S wrinkle.

This phenomenon is usually sometimes mistaken for children of hypothermia. It was a skinnon.

You understand that you are burning. You can tear them away.

There is no stove, no cottage, no friends. You are lying alone in the cold, completely stripped to the waist. The whole series of mistakes. You lost your clothes, you left your car, you left your house with central heating. If you can only use a narrow, sunlit strip of water at the equator.

And now you are too far away from this site.

There is a very good adage about hypothermia: “You didn’t die before you warmed up and didn’t die.”


At about 6 am, he was stuck in a snowdrift. It has been a lot of effort to make it true. He is dead.

However, it’s a chance for salvation. Heat – this presence is the rapid vibration of molecules. Cold is the absence – slowing vibrations. At absolute zero – at minus 273.15 degrees – it turns out that it is slowing down. It is slowing down. In the human body, the cold stops the metabolism. The heart pumps a less blood. Under normal temperature, it can cause irreversible damage to the brain. But it’s also a good way to keep your metabolism.

Putting one ear on the neck, one listens carefully. It takes a few seconds. Cold pressed even more. Another weak blow, then another.

It is even artificially called. It is often recommended that cardiologists often use cardiologists. It doesn’t beat the cardiopulmonary bypass apparatus, it doesn’t beat at all. Death seems so close. However, it is possible to make a case for hypothermia.

He added that he wanted to wrap his neck. They shake the snow off his frozen face. Then the nearest cottage. The rest remain with him, and silence reigns around him. It is a fact that it is rusting, breathing and breathing.

“One, two, three” and a mattress filled with water. They were warned that they were taken with them. It can be straightened. At this time, the man straightened out failed.

It is a cut-off urine-soaked underwear. Electronic thermometer in the rectum. Devices show 24 heartbeats per minute and 26.2 degrees.

The doctor shakes his head. He does not see such low numbers. Without killing him.

In fact, many victims of hypothermia die every year at the very moment when they are trying to revive. When warming up, the narrowed capillaries expand all at the same time. Spasm of the victim’s heart muscle. In 1980, 16 fishermen from a sunken ship were rescued after they had spent their time. They walked around the deck of the rescue ship, drank a bit and all the hot drinkers.

“26 degrees, says the nurse. The temperature dropped by two tenths.”

It is a fact that the patient is experiencing the skin.

Doctors for their subordinates: saline, heat, 43 degrees. It will take 60 kilocalories of heat. It is necessary to increase the amount of heat in the air. It is a total of 30 kilocoons of water and 30 kilocalories per day. Even a warm saline solution, which enters directly into the blood, carries only 30 kilocalories.

Ideally, it’s necessary to make a patient’s heart. minutes. However, there are practically no such provincial hospitals. In this case, the doctor has to use other methods.

“Get ready for an operation,” he commanded.

After a few minutes he inserts a thick catheter into the incision in the abdominal cavity. Warmthan catheter placed in another incision. It is not clear that there is a caring pattern for the body through the body.

The patient’s numb limbs gradually begin to relax. Pulse is growing. It can be seen on the ECG screen.

“Be prepared to perform defibrillation,” the doctor warns.

The technicians spend their time on the path to the sun. The staff checks the heart. Checks the temperature of the water mattress under it. They were whispering somewhere alone on such a frosty night.

The patient slowly recovers. He poured another liter of saline. Blood pressure remains rapidly expanding capillaries in the limbs. In the process of breathing, it can lead to a decrease in blood flow. But every 15-20 minutes, the body temperature rises another degree. The risk of cardiac fibrillation is reduced. Frostbite may still cost him fingers or earlobes. However, it is obvious that he has been able to cope with the worst effects of frostbite.

The spirit of the clearer consciousness.

“32.4”. “33.4”.

Alive again

From somewhere far away, you hear a faint dimensional noise. He suddenly becomes a chain of words.

Some voice calls you by name.

You do not want to open your eyes. It is true that the sun rises from the bottom of the ocean. You are too tired to even shiver. You are dying to sleep.

“Do you hear me?”

You force yourself to open your eyes. Lamps are shining bright above you. People in medical uniform. Where you really have been?

“You are in the hospital. They found you freezing in the forest. “

You are trying to nod. It was not used for years. They respond to your team only with weak twitching.

“You may have forgotten everything,” says the voice.

And after that, you’re not afraid of anything.

“We’re trying to warm you up a little,” says the voice.

You would nod if you could. But you can’t move. All you feel is pulsating discomfort throughout the body. If you are lost, you can’t lose it. It is a fact that it was spent on the skin. You look away from them.

“I think everything will be fine with them,” says a voice above your head. – It seems that the damage is superficial. We believe that these bubbles will recover. “

If you don’t really want to be blackened, it’s not. And they are amputated.

However, anxiety leaves you at the moment when the next wave of exhaustion rolls. It is your dream.

A feeling of stillness, still feeling numb in your whole body. It seems to be your body wave somewhere in the middle. If you’re trying to keep your eyes on

This package contains what you have lost. Once you have been considered permanent, accessible, yours.

However, you have been thinking about it. It is a dream. Heat is where it is matter, where particles can vibrate and move. The heat is negligible, and the cold is monstrously huge.

Someone is talking. You look from the bright corner of the chamber. You will recognize your voice of one of your girlfriends, which you should have visited so long ago. She leans over you, smiling crookedly.

“It’s cold outside,” she says. – I agree? “

The cold hard facts of freezing to death. Peter stark

Advice and preparation for emergencies

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