I and the weapon. About why the house should be a gun

Went the other day on occasion to an old friend at work. I looked – near the cabinet there is a box with a large inscription “Vepr”. That’s strange, I think, a person is not an athlete, no love for to arms did not show before, did not even serve in the army … What a parable?

“What are you,” I ask, “have you gotten into the hunters?”

“No, no,” he says.

– Why did you buy a carbine? Maybe what’s the story got?

– What does “why” mean? You always stand for freedom of appeal. weapons and do not know why? At the very same, probably, safes bursting with trunks.

– Alas, I have not weapons. At all.

– Well, you give … How so? You are a career officer, shoot you know how weapon love and strongly propagandize, in shooting club do you walk and have no trunk?

– Yes, somehow here … Shotguns I don’t really like, but pistols not allowed, that’s not vouchsafed.

– What kind of talk is this: I love – I don’t. What kind of world do you live in? Look what’s going on around you. The world is derailed flying at a terrible speed. In England, out, in broad daylight, white negros slaughtered, and even gave an interview. We increasingly began to break into homes. About Ukraine tell you a year ago that such a war would be-would twist a finger at his temple. And where is the guarantee that we have some kind of mess will not start? He does not like! What do you think, I’m from great love carbine bought it? Me and fired-then just once after purchase, and then to check. And yet, from me, purely civil, who can not shoot, a person has an agro-advantage before you: in which case I have something to do. BUT shoot I will learn more. And you? Out of finger shoot will you He does not like!

Understand a simple thing: if trouble comes, then a person with “Saiga” will get a jar of stew much faster and easier than a person with “Saiga” stew. I agree?

Or your organization is called “Right to weapon“. Wrong! I completely disagree! This is when everything is quiet, calm and well-fed in the country, when citizens shine with health and contentment, when the police are a sleepy kingdom, and the bunks in the bullpen are covered with a thick layer of dust – then you can talk about the right of a citizen to own weapons. And in our situation it is a duty. If the defense of the Motherland is a sacred duty, an honorable duty, then the defense of one’s beloved one, one’s loved ones, property is a duty all the more. He does not like! You never know you do not love. Must! I will hollow you in the head until it comes: nowadays every normal sane man is obliged to acquire legal dispensation firearms.

BUT “Right to weapon“Fights for legalization shortbag. For what, I’m sorry, horseradish? No, I do not argue, it is necessary. But it is much more necessary and more important to fight for the minds of people, it’s time to wake people up, to awaken consciousness and self-awareness, self-esteem and honor, to tear people away from the TV + beer gum. So that the men finally wake up, be amazed at what is happening and run to the store for carbines, and not for vodka. For already legally authorized weapons, I will notice. Are there many legal owners? weapons? Yes drop in the sea! AND pistol panacea will not. But when legal shotguns there will be not five million, but one hundred; when every man will understand that no one will give us deliverance, neither God nor the great Pu, but only with his own hand …. That’s when the issue with legalization the gun it will be decided painlessly and as if by itself. Why be afraid to legalize some Pukalka, when in the hands of a hundred million much more powerful barrels. All you need is for all the peasants to tear their butt off the sofa and not go to a rally in support shortbag, and to the nearest post office gun, and bring all your friends there. This will be a real contribution to our common cause.

Now imagine that in the standard 4-access nine-storey building of 144 apartments in 140 will be a gun. Do you think there is a lot of goodies to yell in the public garden for half the night, or cut into full music in the car, or rob in the gateway, or rape on the playground, when a shot of a shot can fly out of any window and a colander can be left from your window ? And while no one ever shotguns not found, just not realistic. BUT?

You would be better at your organization. shotguns, and even each one friend would have brought to Ormag. And they are still one by one … And then – he does not love!
Yes, and that means “I do not like shotguns“? You’re in gun shop ever been? Not? Be sure to go and just admire. Promise?

– I promise.

Here’s a conversation turned out. And he is right! What do you think?

Author – Andrey Lomovtsev

I and the weapon. About why the house should be a gun

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