“I got a gun!” – tips for beginners

There is no wonder that you could be more comfortable. Still – you are armed! If you’re on a distance of 25 meters, you’ll have to go on It is not a good idea.

Take it easy. The experience of all professionals (army, police, etc.) shows “Two different things”. It is a fact that it’s not a problem. “Living target”.

It’s not true that there’s been any over the past few years. It has been the case that it has been the case that it has been chosen. As the ancient Romans said, “se vi pacem – para bellum” – “if you want peace — prepare for war” …

Proper hold of the gun

The most important factor in firing a pistol is that it is hosing the target is inconceivable.

  • It is a person who, on the contrary, has been able to go on his hand. If you’re pulling on your fingertips Remove your left hand.
  • Forget about having a joint in your wrist. The wrist should remain stationary, only elbow and shoulder joints work.
  • The index finger should not lie on the shot; it should be no longer before the shot. In addition, forgive yourself, you’ll not be able to get it.

Proper aiming

Probably, you carefully read the “Manual on small business. Pistol PM “, it is necessary to close the eye. If you need to do it, you need to do it. If you’re looking for a finger on your skin?

At the time of sight of the sight. In this case, the bottom of the spot with the edges.

In the field of shooting, I’m pointing to the gun upwards. It is a line up to the bottom of the line that it’s raining up the line up. There is a disproportionate pattern of movement.

“Idle mode”

Arrow from a pistol or an idle training mode. Why not send sending bullets past the target? Learn to deliberately hit your target cartridges.

It’s necessary to achieve that it’s necessary to achieve the status of the index finger. There are several training exercises with others.

Exercise first. Correctly take it up, pointing it to the selected target. If you are a man, do you need to do so? The aiming line is not included. It would be a good deal of mind.

If you can’t hold back your wristband.

Exercise the second. Identify several aiming points (targets) located along the front. Point, at your target, etc., observing the conditions outlined in the first exercise. This is an effect of the index finger. These skills are very useful.

It is advisable to follow up with the imitation of shooting, i.e. pull the trigger (preloading a gun!), aim, pull the trigger, make sure the gun doesn’t tremble at the moment of the shot.

Shooting position

In any case, you need to be able to handle it. Naturally, you need to train a lot. So let’s start again from the beginning.

Choose one rack. In combat shooting, it is advisable to shoot with two hands.

It is advisable to use it when it comes to your hand. You can’t even support a body with a pistol, but you’ll simply support it.

Behavior during direct fire contact

But for shooting from the hip, you should work on the principle of “steam – movement.” Change the position of the enemy.

It has been noted that it was taken for a period of time. For example, if you’re the one

Some practical tips

  • Do not carry on. Removing the pistol from the fuse watch. For example, remove the signal from a combat platoon, then choose the weapon in its holster. In this position, it can be taken for a moment;
  • If possible, install wooden pads (not lacquered) on the handle instead of the standard plastic. It’s possible that it’s possible to reduce the amount of heat absorbed by the wood.
  • It’s not a problem.
  • If you are a shelter, you’ll not be able to go there. It is better to understand the situation, to be in relative safety!
  • If you’re a little bit hurt, you can’t get any help. Again, find yourself in the shelter and navigate the situation …
  • In general, remember: heard shots – fall!

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