I Stick – TOPS Heavy Duty Butcher Knife

Company TOPS created her first heavy-duty butting knife, ideal for those who need an effective self-defense weapon. AT “I Stick” managed to balance the weight and design in such a way as to ensure the impact of maximum force.

This year, the company has already produced knives that could be safely called “powerful tools of destruction.” The release list included models such as El chete and Missile Strike. AT “I Stick” It uses the exact same approach to the very concept of self-defense weapons. And although in most cases the butt knives are specially made small and light, TOPS chose a different path.

The thickness of 3/8 inches (almost a centimeter) and a weight of just over 12 ounces (340 grams) is just enough to remember that you have real weapons in your hands. This is exactly what is needed for those people who are looking for something more thoroughly. ”

“I Stick” it was not just done so hard – it gives concrete advantages if you need to chop or prick. So you can do much more damage. ”

With proper skill, a 3.5 inch (almost 9 cm) blade turns into a formidable weapon that hits hard and fast – explains Craig Paul, lead developer. He also recommends how to practice with this model in order to feel its balance.

“To use any tool of self-defense you need a habit. You need an intuitive feeling of weapons, which is produced only by training. ”

Blade “I Stick” – full-fledged double-edged dagger of steel 1075 with a cutting edge length of 3.13 inches (7.94 cm).

Considering the non-standard form and task, the specialists needed some time to bring the design to mind.

“When creating knitting knives, the main thing is to have the right handle and an adequate angle of the blade. The blade should follow the direction of the natural biomechanics of the impact, and the handle should be so comfortable that in the course of this strike itself there is practically no notice. ”

The company had to create some not very effective prototypes before it was possible to grope a balance between the angle of the blade, the angle of the handle and effective ergonomics. To give “I stick“A heavy handle with shallow notches for the fingers, which guide, but do not rigidly limit the grip – it was a great idea.

“Such a handle allows the blade to be held either between the middle and index finger, or between the middle and ring fingers. And her form allows her to lie comfortably in a tightly clenched fist. ”

The model is sold together with low-profile kaydeksa sheaths that can be mounted as you like. In catalogs TOPS “I Stick” already available, and soon will go directly to the field.

Instead of an afterword.
150 bucks for a knife designed exclusively for self-defense. And, let’s be honest, like the other butt knives – more likely for an attack. It’s not even possible that it’s just a “sausage cutting knife”. Any employee of the authorities, noticing you have such a wonderful thing, instantly interested in it. But the knife itself is excellent, yes. But to take it is purely at your own peril and risk.

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