I want to be the coolest: Who is the operator?

It is a time when you’ve been treated. by the operator. These units were the Sixth Seal Team (SEAL Team 6), and the detachment “Delta” (Delta force), and only those who have passed the right to call themselves by operators, and not even their support service or peripheral personnel.

Today everyone has become the Operator

When I (the author of the text, Jack Murphy – comment perev.) Was in the battalion rangers, It is a real source of wisdom. One of us served by operators, we – Rangers, this is the subject of our pride. We are not jiu-jitsu masters, not marathon runners, and not bodybuilders. We – rangers.

I’ve never been by the operator and not sought. I was ranger, I’m talking about what I’m talking about.

Time passed, I saw how the army was changing. It often happened that for the better. The Witness of the WTC terrorist attack. It has been taken for a moment when it was taken.

If you’re aware of the war It would be a huge mistake.

As time passed, the term “operatorApplied to ever larger groups of people. I heard how they talked about me as “the operator Special Forces, which was absolutely not for me.

Things got worse. It seems that everyone has to do with cross-fit already operator. If you participate in the Spartan race, you are the most recognized partner in Combat Infantry Badge. T-shirts, websites, video games revolve around the word “operatorIt reminds you of what you’re not trying to do.

What does it mean to be an operator?

What is operator, besides being a delta or cat? I have my own point of view.

I think about the operator It is a scandal

Operator – it’s more than just owning a certain skill set. An operator is one who carries with him wisdom generated by experience and maturity. This is why most elders operators assigned, for example, to the Delta squad.

Operator – If you’re trying to get it, you’ll get it. You can cancel the mission rather than compromise it. He is not a stray on a rifle.

Operator – invisible professional. He doesn’t feel like he is against other soldiers. He most likely will not be able to write about his business, as opposed to someone like me, of course.

Kate Nell. is he operator old school serving in Rhodesian sed. In the late 70’s, he was a shot of a passenger plane.

Kate led the underground. It is a rule of thumb for all civilians to follow. Keith often has been on the fly. He even had to get ammunition for his fighters by kidnapping from police stations.

SAS, Delta, and the Sixth Seal Team. Despite the fact that you are not operator. And if he wants you to speak by the operator, neither is he.

Original article: What is an Operator? by Jack Murphy

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I want to be the coolest: Who is the operator?

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