Ice pick for winter fishing – DIY drawings for ice pickers

Before the icebreaker was invented, the main auxiliary device of the fisherman, not counting the ax, was the ice pick for winter fishing. And now, with ice and many other modern devices, the ice pick remains a simple and popular tool on the river ice.

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PiesPeshnya is a percussion device for winter fishing. Its main function is to break the ice by punching holes in it. In addition, ice pick is convenient for checking the thickness of the ice, for cleaning the holes from the ice during fishing on the toe, with a strong wind it is used to fix the tent on the ice. In addition, the ice pick is also a staff that helps the fisherman to walk hundreds of meters across different types of ice under adverse winter conditions.

The device of the ice pick is quite simple – it is a pricking tip and a long wooden handle. The total length of the tool may be different. The most convenient for work is the length of the instrument, at which the ice pick reaches the shoulders of the fisherman.

As a handle for a long pick, an ordinary wooden handle for a shovel will suit. It is better if there are no big knots on it, since in such places the cutting can break under load. A recess is made in the upper part of the handle so that the hand does not slide off when struck. For a more comfortable grip, a leather cord or thin rope is wound onto this notch. At the end of the handle a hole is drilled, a loop of rope is inserted into it, into which a hand is passed during work. Thanks to such a loop, the ice pick will not drown if it slips out of your hand.

The tip is a metal cup with holes. A wooden handle is inserted into the glass, the holes in the glass are used to fix the handle with self-tapping screws. The working tip from the quality tempered metal is attached to the glass. The tip of the tip, depending on the type of ice or fisherman’s habits, may have a different shape. The strongest and most durable is a three- or four-sided tip of the tip. It is used for any type of ice, but it is difficult for them to make large and even chips. But the flat edge or edge in the form of a scapula cleaves the ice layers, while leaving smooth edges. The most convenient is the tip in the application for dry ice.


Making your own ice pickIf it is not possible to purchase ice from a store, or if the fisherman is not satisfied with the quality of the samples on sale, you can make this device yourself. As a chopping point you can use:

  • pick of a jackhammer;
  • large file;
  • finger for fastening the cart to the tractor;
  • small scrap;
  • good chisel or chisel.

Most likely, you will need a grinding machine and a welding machine. If there is no such equipment available, you can prepare drawings or a simple scheme and transfer them together with metal blanks to a blacksmith or locksmith. But usually fishermen make ice cream for winter fishing with their own hands.

The simplest version of ice pick can be made as follows: a piece of metal pipe 20-30 cm long and min. Thick is taken. 2 mm. At one end of the segment, two small holes are made for fastening the handle, and a working tip is welded to the other. The tip for the tip is the easiest way to use part of the scrap with its tip in the form of a blade. Quite often, such scrap is too soft and bends under heavy load, so its working part must be pre-hardened.

Then the tip is polished, and its chopping part is sharpened on a grinding machine. A wooden handle is inserted into the glass and fastened with screws with wide caps. On a wooden handle with a chisel or on a woodworking machine, a notch is made for a comfortable grip and a hole is drilled for a rope loop.

Peshnya is almost ready. Now you need to take care of its transportation, as much as possible to protect themselves and the people around them. There are several options for this. The easiest is to make a hard case for a working tip. For the cover, you can use a piece of plastic pipe of suitable diameter.

The length of the cover should be such that it completely hides the working tip of the ice pick and has a small margin in width.
Another option is to make a short but collapsible ice pick. Such ice pick is disassembled into two parts, which can be carried in a leather case. A cork or small hard case is put on the working tip. In this form, the tool is conveniently transported in the trunk or in public transport without fear of consequences.

In order for the collapsible tool to retain the necessary rigidity during operation, it is better to make the connecting part threaded. For this, the glass of the tip of the ice pick is made of two pieces of pipe of different diameter. In one section, internal thread is cut, in the other – external thread. As a result, a part of the glass with a working tip will be screwed onto a part of the glass with a handle holder. If it is not possible to cut the thread, you can purchase metal threaded fittings or couplings of the appropriate diameter and quality for this purpose.

The article was prepared by the Altai Tour team. The best active recreation and fishing in Altai.

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