Ideal Conseal: Self-Defense Pistol Smartphone

The best weapon is the one that you had at your fingertips at a difficult time. Therefore, in our time, the hidden carrying of weapons has long been a necessity.
But what about weapons that don’t need to be hidden?

Law enforcement agencies in Europe have issued a note with a warning and recommendations for employees due to the close release in the US of folding pistols for concealed carry and self-defense, apparently very similar to the popular iPhone smartphones.

Policemen on the continent are obliged to monitor the emergence of “pistol-smarfon”, which may be illegally imported into the territory of European states. The double-barreled pistol caliber 9? 17 millimeters (designation in the USA – .380 ACP) is made by an American company Ideal conceal and is designed for hidden wearing.

“Smartphones are everywhere, so your new gun will easily fit into today’s atmosphere,” a company representative assured Ideal conceal.

The concept of weapons is simple – when folded, it looks like a smartphone in a case. The trigger and safety bracket are hidden from prying eyes. After a simple disclosure, the “smartphone” turns into a pistol with two barrels ready for shooting.

An instruction sent, in particular, to the Belgian police, confirms the fact that the weapon is similar to a mobile device for talking. “Nothing distinguishes it from a cell phone,” says the document, an excerpt from which can be found in the newspaper Derniere Heure.

The American buyer will be able to purchase weapons in the coming weeks at a suggested price of $ 359. At the moment, 12 thousand pre-orders have already been made.


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