If gas spray was used

Surviving is probably too loud. It is unlikely that you will ever come across V-gases (Zarin, Soman, Phosgene or Dyfosgen, etc.). But get by the eyes of spray can is quite real. The purpose of these means of self-defense – rendering stopping action against a person or animal attacking you. An individual gas attack. If we say the wind changes. In direct and figurative word. So what is the situation?

It is a pain and a pain. You will feel it instantly, regardless of the type of gas applied.

After that, there will be intense tearing, even with closed eyes. If you try to open your eyes, it will increase dramatically with tearing. You can neither resist nor navigate in this situation. For the evacuation.

If you’re just about two hours. Tearing from the eyes. And conjunctivitis (inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eye) will worry much longer. This is the case in which I can never see this anywhere. No gas from the action, even if you’ve seen it in the 90s).

So nothing terrible will happen to you. Sit, bear and wait, becoming a convenient target.

But the recovery process can be accelerated. This is a 0.5% Novocain solution. It is sold in 5 and 10 ml ampoules. For example, into the vial of chlorhexidine or naphthyzinum. Rinse eyes necessary, directing a stream of Novocainum to the cornea. Do not rub your eyes! But you will surely carry the infection.

You can drip Novocain in the nostril, if by chance sniffed gas. The pain will decrease quite quickly. It will help you to keep your eyes open. Do not rub your eyes! Let the tears themselves dry up. It is also meaningful to dissolve in it.

It is a clear sign that you can notice a blurred vision. I recommend to consult an ophthalmologist. But if there is no such solution, drop Albucid or Levomycetin solution into your eyes. These drugs perfectly relieve inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eye.

Good luck!

The medicine

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