If the war started?

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So, now I’ll be dumping. Remember, you are deliberately disassembled the toughest scenarios. Now we do the same. I need this on purpose, “why?”, I think, no need to explain.

The weapons were outside the city. Ideally, you should take in advance (now) where you can retreat.

NO HEROES! Let you go and understand what’s happening. According to the parties to the light. A simple example: SPB. Swipe to the West is not necessary, most likely. To the South, too, without meaning. You can go to the North, to the Novgorod, Tver, regions. With Moscow, about the same, the North (Arkhangelsk direction) or East (Ural range).

Remember: DO NOT approach military targets! The idea that “their own Russian soldiers” will be nonsense. This is not a case in point. But it is a fact of reality. Also, do not forget the following point: now the delay is held “next to” the house. It can be a sign that you can still remain in the city. Remember – all people. The military is also experiencing, But they do it in arms. So the idea that “the soldiers will help” is not the best.

In general, it is a house in the village, where you can retreat. The Chechens did this, went to the villages and villages. But since we’ve been following the worst scenarios since many of these real estate do not have.

So, I find it easier on the example of Petersburg. Now I will count on the map. So, for each direction we should have at least two places. Close and far. I recommend using a campsite near a small settlement. If you’re used to, for example, on barbecue, then you can go there. First, you will know what to expect. Be aware of the water. Secondly, you know the place. This will greatly support you psychologically. Refugees are a lot to look at. It will be a bit like a red cross. Most likely, this will happen to you.

The first serious “benefactors” appeared in Chechnya after the first war. Two years the civilians were left to themselves. So, we have two points near the city. Now we need two points for a “deep” retreat. If you want to go back to the North Sea There is a pic. Rabocheostrovsk, it has a ferry. Of course, you can always “privatize” the rowing boat. The White Sea is relatively calm. It is real to swim. In the East, I would retreat to the Iversky Monastery in Tver. It is also located in the middle of the lake. Nearby there are food warehouses and production (on the highway M10).

Why monasteries? They will not be bombed in the first place. Christian virtue immediately. You will not be happy. You go there to really be sold into slavery. Guard or something else – they will feed you. You go and say at once: “I’m a strong healthy man,

Of course, everything is conditional. You can choose another place. But if you are fed. It is not your case. It doesn’t possess property during a war. This is a conversation: how to get a car.

No public transport anymore. Get in the car. The car can be “privatized” or found abandoned. It is not necessary to touch the tank with an empty tank. You will not get fuel and lubricants. If you’re trying to find a car seat on the roof, you’ll get a carrot on it.

Need to move slowly! 50–60 km / h. If you’re on the track, you’ll be ribbons on the track, if you’re on the track, you’re just in case. You will not be able to go. If you’re not in the middle of a box, you’ll be able to stick it out. It will not be necessary to leave the car (you will leave it). Quietly and without nerves, sit and pray to yourself. I do not advise you to “burn” the guys with your eyes, look at the floor or look ahead.

If everything worked out, then you can talk (this is also important). What can be expected?

Now a little cynicism. If you have a carriage from the family – you are dead. If you have a family, then you’ll be smelling fried. If you do not have a “baggage”, you’re a two hundred hundred, and a baggage too. Do not be stupid, get ready in advance, close it is not necessary. Then do what you want. If you want to go back and fight, you want to go back. But most importantly, think about them in advance, then it will be too late. Everything that I have been told to “loners” who have nothing to lose. If there is a family – get ready in advance. In the first stage at least.

If tomorrow is war: Evacuation and further route

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