If tomorrow is war: Leaving the city

Read the previous part – While we are in the city

Now we start dumping out of town. Either the city is blocked, or battles take place in it. This is a very bad thing. You can always leave the city. Here, regardless of the situation, there are two points. The second is the passage through the cordon. This is the main problem.

It will take you a lot of time to move in and out. It’s not always the case. doesn’t work. We are going to surrender in good faith. But we have not reached this point yet …

Yes, one more thing: DO NOT GET IN THE CAR! Any transport in the city will be shot at 100%.

Evacuation from the city – where to start?

So, we have a backpack with a swag, which is a small-sized weapon (AKSU + pistol, standard Cop kit), and a small bag of children who need to travel, only a little more modest scale ( for example, backpack for two days, etc.). Bag closer to the body, and do not take off. It is very important to take with you, even in your underwear, to carry it.

Backpack cover with a white sheet and fasten it on it. It’s necessary that you’ll be able to get unnoticed. . You will be escorted to the sight, and you will go further. Of course, you’re not marching, but you don’t need to go. There, there is no camouflage on you.

You should shoot him. You are simply dumping. Of course, it’s your weapon. Pistol in pocket (cocked). If you’re gotta get it. I advise you to remove the fuse on the machine immediately, it can be tough, you can get confused. Chuck in the chamber, of course. If you’re losing heart, you can’t get it.

If you’re a man with a weapon, you’ll be in the positions of his comrades. He would, most likely, would like to shoot, would have already shot. You can pick it up, you can’t pick it up, you can’t pick it up. which we duplicated everything in a smaller amount). It is a purely psychological moment. Nobody needs a bunch of swag

It is 100%, I’m not sure what it’s all about. If you give it away, you are unlikely to be screwed), it means that you are “non-probable”. You can exchange your things for your own. If there was no gun, it was possible to take a smooth and smoky form. You’re not a bit of a street fight
On the market in OM.

Pro travel speed

If this is a great speed. Remember, you will not be able to go ahead. If you’re passing 24 hours. Go HAPPY. It will go out and you will get out of it. A white sheet, we give up. We will hide – we will collect fire on ourselves.

You can’t go to the soldiers. If you want to go anywhere, you need to go 200-300 meters. For the reception, it was a peace of mind. You are beginning to shmon. You’ve already gotten in the street, you’ll come to you. Most likely, any lieutenant, not older. It is a cringe to him. Offer to exchange values ​​for “the right of passage.” Of course, not under subordinates. If everything went well, then you left the city.

You will lose 1–2 days of travel a ridiculous distance. AND THIS IS NORMAL. The ring city is a huge camp for prisoners. You can give anything, just to get out. Hunger

Do not hide, as “scouts” It is a rag on our back. With a vital swag. There is jewelry (gold) as currency. If you are going to be a civilian; If you are moving out of the city for 1-3 days, moving from area to area, then this is normal.

From personal experience:

regular peanut sneakers are very nutritious. 6 double sneakers for kcal for a peasant. To warm food, maybe it will not work (most likely). Snickers do not pick and choose in terms of food. Subject with snickers honestly stolen from the Chechens. They fight on them. You can have a bite right on the way, a glucose, it’s a very good topic (with sugar, glucose, mood raises).

The main thing is to understand that they are shooting at them. It is very easy. So be careful and not show off. Muzzle easier to agree on everything.

If tomorrow is war:

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