If trouble happened. Tips for “assholes”

I witnessed an unpleasant situation with my compatriot. You will be able to keep track of his luggage He often quit. He didn’t get out of the toilet at all. Someone from compatriots advised to buy at the pharmacy Loperamide (Imodium). It was followed by the man. However, on board he became very bad – instead diarrhea vomiting began, the temperature rose. After 9 hours of flight, after landing at Sheremetyevo, the ambulance has taken the unconscious man straight from the plane.

Agree, this (I mean diarrhea – diarrhea) can be at the airport. In a hike, for example. Food poisoning, reaction to stress, infectious disease, alcohol withdrawal syndrome (hangover) and others. It is not necessary to go for help.

It is not a matter of ordering it. It should not be alarmed. It can be used as soon as possible. specialized medical care. With vomiting and diarrhea Our body can not exist. Dehydration (dehydration) comes very quickly, especially in hot climates. Therefore, here are some tips:

  • Drink plenty of fluids! Any, but better mineralized.
  • Do not take Loperamide! This is a gag. Yes, diarrhea The intestine is even more rapidly. The way out diarrhea vomiting will come.
  • Keep always in your first aid kit probiotics. What kind? Yes, any. It may be Linex, Bifiform, Baktisubtil and others containing lacto- or bifidus bacteria. Take 5 or 10 capsules of a bowel disorder. Do not be afraid of overdose! Sometimes, after taking these drugs, the intestine completely stops. There are no special storage conditions, which are very convenient. But such drugs as Hilak forte It is therefore recommended that it be used for a first-aid kit. It makes no sense to acquire Espumizan, Simethicone and similar drugs that inhibit gas. Gas bubbles cannot form. They have no effect on the pathological process in the intestines.
  • Activated carbon – an indispensable thing when nothing else is at hand. It should be taken for a 10% of the patient’s body weight. That is: if the patient weighs 100 kg, then you should give him 10-20 tablets of activated carbon. You can drink at least 5 tablets. Contraindication to one of the most active gastrointestinal bleeding.
  • Enterosgel – excellent sorbent. Convenient and easy to use. But there is one trouble: it reflexively provokes vomiting.
  • Regidron, Enterodez, Citroglucosalan and other powders. The dry powder from the bag. Effectively restores lost electrolytes, preventing dehydration.
  • But it will be the end of the toilet paper. 4 tablespoons of baking soda. Give a drink to the victim. In this way, Zemstvo doctors save more than one hundred
  • It is a diagnosis of the disease and the use of antibiotics in the prehospital phase. But it is not available in the near future. If you see that, despite the fact that you are worried about the condition, you are sure that you are aware of the condition. Drugs of choice – a group of fluoroquinolones. it Ciprofloxacin or Levofloxacin (3-4 generation of fluoroquinolones). Give less than 500 mg. We are talking about adult patients. If there is no effect within the next 4-6 hours, then try to deliver the victim to the hospital. Be sure to tell you about your doctors. If you keep the patient, you can continue to give you the same medication. Do not die from it.
  • Your patient should not lie on his side, but not on his back! Even if you carry it on a stretcher. Remember – a very important moment!

I hope you’ll be able to get out of your life, and you’ll be able to save your life.

The medicine

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