If you decide to stay in the city

If you decide to take a step back then you’ll scatter your chances.

In Moscow Petersburg there are very few chances to survive. In general, there will be a lot of it. There will be food immediately.

When they are still selling; will continue all tyrit. If the moment with the “purchase” is clicked, then the gun in hand and go to “privatize”. I advise you to not take one. First, you’ll take it away, because you’re still a lot of food; secondly, the barrels will not hurt.

But remember?group goal“. And then the” share “swag will be very sad at all. Therefore, 3-4 people no longer need to take it with you.

Of course, you must have water and food in your apartment. With water is still worse, there will be no delivery. If the water is from the tap it is gone – you have a toilet bowl. DO NOT DARE TO WALK THIS WATER! It is no different from a tap water, one standpipe with cold water. This is a week to live and live.

If possible, “gut” a gas station. Fuel is very important. But remember, you can’t keep him in an apartment. Vapors are highly flammable. Make a caches, people will hide from shelling.

You will hardly be killed. No one spends ammunition on people without weapons. It is a goal for the N1. It has been shown that it has been shown that it’s possible to see it. Of course, the “fool” can always fly, especially at dusk, but still not so bad.

If you want to be able to do that, you can’t I’m not going anywhere, I’m not going anywhere, I’ll lie down. Leave even if not asked You can’t cover with slingshots.

It’s better to jump in. It is a strategic building. There will be firing. If you’re not sure, you’re not really a GT, it’s not a bad idea. As the “Pirates of the Caribbean”: “This is not a set of rules for the execution.”

Remember, your property no longer exists. And I strongly advise not to arise. You need to kill Everything else is nonsense. If you are a great friend, then you are a great fellow. You are still a great fellow. You no longer need the machine. You can be very serious. While you are in the city, I’m not advising you to wear camouflage clothing.

So, what we predicted now. In our city “M” street fighting began. (For what he thought was bad, almost always). We cann’t even be better, your It is always right, where you can’t be a warrior for a weapon? it can be a big plus.

And one more thing. NEVER ANYWHERE TO GO EASILY SO ESPECIALLY “SEE THAT THERE.” Many things are done “quietly,” by reconnaissance and sabotage. Any intelligence group, seeing you, 100% will go to cut you. This is shown in the films with a finger “quietly”, and they go on. In real life, you will be killed on the spot. It depends on the absence of witnesses.

Moreover, you can “light up” their positions and movements. It’s not a matter of how much it’s been dug in. If you’re not aware of what you’re talking about. The guys can smile, look friendly, lure swag – come, and everything changes. Local often have to “work out” if they are caught along the way. So we don’t crawl out of our “shell” once again.

If you are in the city

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