If you hit a horror movie

Let’s imagine such a theoretical situation, what to do? What mistakes can not be repeated. Go:

1. Do not have sex with anyone

“Well, seriously, temperance is the key to survival.”

2. Do not go anywhere with the person

– Shit, that he will tell you.

3. Do not leave the recreation center. Especially if someone has already been killed there.

– Just watch YouTube videos for “Kevin Bacon in Friday the 13th”

4. Find a good shelter and … SIT TAM!

– If the killer doesn’t see or hear you, why do you need to move somewhere?
– It is very ironic.

5. Always wear comfortable shoes, away from the maniac in the forest.

– But surely someone will be barefoot.
– Or in heels.
– Or just awkward.
– And get a stretch.
– And die.

6. If the city looks dead there.

“Don’t go there and look for people.”

7. Don’t be a hero

“Even if you’re fucking Harry Potter, you will die.”
“Damn, you’ll die anyway.”

8. For example, it’s not a bad idea.

– There is a killer.
“And yes, your dog is already dead.”

9. Always check the rear of the car before getting into it.

“When you get away from trouble.”

10. If your car breaks down in any wilderness, never ask weird “local” help.

– There will be a huge chance to go for his pickup truck later.

11. Do not go to the basement

– There, b @ # be, and your dead body scary.

12. If you’re trying to make it, you’re trying to make it out.

“Especially if you’re heard in this house.”

13. Turn off the TV (and suddenly dump), if a girl suddenly got out of it

– Agree to the most reasonable solution?

14. If you try to call an exorcist.

– Dump very far.
“Because your wall is bleeding.”
– Yours.
– The wall.
– Bleeding
– Run!

15. Do not try to find a logical explanation for what is happening.

– Otherwise, there are some Japanese crazy meowing.

16. Google Holidays

– Do not go there.
– Logical?

17. Do not get drunk and not use drugs.

– It is problematic to run away from the killer when your legs are woven.

18. If you’re not

– This is a killer.
– He will kill you.

19. Do not take a shower

– Deep after midnight. You are at the recreation center. There is no lock on the shower door. Playing terrible piano music.

20. Someone is calling away from home.

“Definitely a killer inside the house, not the outside.”

We will never come in handy.

If you hit a horror movie

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