If you want to take part in the hostilities

I will tell you about the specific features on a DB. It is not clear how to play it. ”It’s a virtual club of thugs,”

So, we start to butt. This could have happened to be the case. Youn’t understand what you’re trying to do. War is a team sport. Therefore, you should definitely join one of the parties to the conflict. Once again: you can not fight alone! Someone fed Vasya Zaitsev with ammunition, so without tricks, commandos. Armed Forces. Even if you make a “shrew” is also good.

Immediately I say, you can’t understand everything.

63 advice from a GRU officer in case you decide to “make war”

  1. In the troops, no one always understands anything. Monsters of Mouths And this is normal (or not norm). Remember, no matter how you are told. Even if it’s a bit of a stupid evidence, you DO NOT IMPROVE. All in accordance with the statute and orders. Whoever starts “clever”, no matter what
  2. Remember, if “yours” are yelling at you, this is not bad. No need to snap. It’s bad when they shoot at you. And it sometimes happens, it’s quite normal. Fights are maneuverable and positions constantly changing. You can’t be confident at all times. So it happens. It is not necessary to make it against the opponents.
  3. Remember, the weapon is always on guard. If you’re not sure, you can’t take it anymore. If you’re on the march, there’s a blockhead with the fuse removed, correct it. DON’T PULL HANDS TO WEAPONS. Correct the words, tell him about the fuse. If he refuses, then you can tell him about it. If you are carelessly handling weapons. You can shoot you. Decide for yourself. If you character allows.
  4. Weapons NEVER direct on their own. Even in the “joke”, even the fuse, even with the unfastened shop. For such a focus you will be “punished.”
  5. On the AC fuse has three positions. Actually, the lock, automatic fire and single. If you’re in a panic, you’ll get it clear. It would be a great deal to make it. Remember this.
  6. The fuse on the AK clans enough vile. If you need to remove it, it will need it.
  7. Jump on the spot before exiting. Check that nothing and jerks at you. It is better to rewind it. Chuck in the chamber, and the fuse.
  8. Examine the firing tables on your weapon. The bullet flies NOT DIRECTLY. She has a ballistic trajectory with elevations and depressions. It is a good chance to hit you quickly and easily.
  9. Wind affects the trajectory of the bullet. If you’re in
  10. If you’re the one who chooses a weapon, you’ll have the choice of the weapon. It is a big plus. If you received your ammunition (after receiving permission from the commander).
  11. If you go to the “autonomy”, then take 360 ​​cartridges on yourself (you can save a lot in weight).
  12. Remember that stores is an additional armor.
  13. Most deaths and injuries occur from debris. An ordinary padded jacket is a small fragments. Hanging over the top and unloading with shops, you can consider yourself relatively protected. Do not forget to raise the gate.
  14. Body armor is very good. Any. Even the most useful.
  15. It saved you. It is not a possibility of inflicting terrible injury to you. Ribs almost always breaks. And possible and organ rupture. There is no reason for rejoice. It happens that the hole would be preferable.
  16. Do not touch the grenade launchers. Shoot them hard. Leave it to more experienced comrades.
  17. It can be spotted at 70–100 meters. Quit smoking.
  18. If you hear something, stop the group and “give silence”. Listen carefully. Rarely idiots will be slowed down by you.
  19. You never stop, continue to stand. You need to kneel or lie down. It is a question of survival of the whole group. If someone is lazy to sit down, make him.
  20. There should be no finger on the trigger.
  21. Hell So it is easier to carry. It is always necessary to make sure that it is always ready.
  22. The belt (automatic) is always on the neck. Otherwise, if you’re ambushed, you’ll be able to go in and out.
  23. Do not sleep. If you fall asleep, not only will you want to shoot you. World War II, officially shot. Now they are shooting unofficially.
  24. You can pee kneeling without target
  25. Go to the toilet ONLY for two. One shit the second covers. If no one wants to go in.
  26. Sneeze into yourself.
  27. He who runs slowly dies quickly.
  28. The effectiveness of grenades is overrated. There were only light contusions.
  29. Cheku teeth can not be pulled out. Only with your fingers.
  30. If you carry out a sweep of your life, then you can carry it out.
  31. It is not a question. Otherwise, in a corridor you can see either a grenade or a trunk.
  32. Grenade roll on the floor. Do not throw.
  33. We rolled a grenade, an explosion, rolled up, but not cocked. Let them crawl again.
  34. Do not run. You block him from shooting.
  35. Any closed door is UNPRISING, as it can be mined.
  36. Do not open the boxes, do not turn on the electronics. Do not touch anything. Everything can be mined. It is important. It is also possible to enjoy the toilet.
  37. In the walls there can be breaks hungry with rags or carpets. So the enemy can quickly run. Remember this.
  38. It is not possible to go through the wall.
  39. On the windows you can hang nets from the old Soviet beds. They stop VOGI well.
  40. You may hear meowing, for example, from closet. I’m sorry, but the animal is doomed. Most likely, he was locked up with a grenade. Can not open. I want to be a man, but I …
  41. If you need to take a look at the window. Go deep into the room, stand on a stool, closing the wall or the like. Highlight do not highlight yourself (I’m not talking about WU).
  42. Fly at you. When you hit your eyes … well, you understand.
  43. From a grenade launcher. Although it seems like heresy.
  44. Shooting for a long time without changing position is a bad idea.
  45. Bend down.
  46. No need to “calculate snipers.” Not your job. Fight further, not paying attention.
  47. Be prepared to mentally “work out” the civilians who have lit up for you. Including women and children. If the prospect is not happy, then move carefully.
  48. At AK-74, you can fasten the sighting of the SOB from the SVD. The distance between 500–600 meters for the AK-74 and the trajectories are perfectly clear. You will shoot and carry fire, because of the caliber, much faster than with the SVD. And you will be uninteresting.
  49. Do not shoot from a grenade launcher in the room. He has a platoon time. He needs to fly 15-25 meters before the grenade cocks. After, in the room, it just does not work.
  50. Modern grenades RGO and RGN explode for the first time from the strike. The gap is triggered by a self-destruct (in case the grenade has fallen into loose snow)
  51. No one, even the sappers, are not engaged in the removal of mines and slaves. They stupidly undermine their TNT saber. Do not be clever and begin to shoot the slave.
  52. In the simplest way. So “cutting the thread” is a bad idea. Just pass by. This is not your business, there are senior comrades.
  53. When injuries are venous and arterial bleeding. They are “treated” in different ways. But the other is important. There is no time. It takes 10-20 seconds, it begins with venous bleeding, it will take 10-20 seconds. So you’ll not be willing to go for a batt, but you can’t break it. If you are free.
  54. Harness is always at hand! Not in the bag, not in a backpack or wound on the butt, or in the unloading at hand.
  55. Always TWO harnesses with you! Get a bullet in the femoral artery.
  56. There is such a thing as “suppression by fire.” Actively watering the enemy, often, you can pin down his actions. Especially help you tracer.
  57. Remember, tracer, it’s very dirty, they also give out your position. So do not abuse them. And it is difficult to carry out the aimed fire.
  58. Weapons need to be cleaned every day. Especially gentle around the muzzle brake. If there is a groove or fossa, then it will fall dramatically.
  59. The last three patrons in the store are the best scored by tracer. The store didn’t come as a surprise to you. Moreover, if you’re on the phone, you’ll be able to get one.
  60. Watch your feet, do not be lazy to wash them. Grab it and you are no longer a warrior.
  61. This is not a reason to shoot. If you have not noticed, you can get involved in a fight.
  62. Do not jump sharply to the side. Peripheral vision will detect you instantly. Gently and smoothly, take your time, sit down and calmly take a position. It will be much less noticeable.
  63. Remember, it must be released, abruptly to the clang. Otherwise, “zhezhuet.”

If you want to take part in the hostilities

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