Impressions after working with the SOG EOD PowerLock B61 multitool and its operation.

General impressions after almost a month of operating the SOG EOD PowerLock B61 multitool are generally positive. Over the past time, in addition to everyday work, he managed to participate in the manufacture of simple traps for small animals and traps for fish from a bottle. 

Impressions after working with the SOG EOD PowerLock B61 multitool and its operation.

The set of tools in the SOG EOD PowerLock B61 and their functionality were quite sufficient for most of the work. More on this below..

Pliers and nippers SOG EOD PowerLock B61.

The Compound Leverage system really gives a real gain in the power of biting, 4 mm steel wire bites at a time without much stress. It was not always possible to bite a wire of 5 mm at a time. The semicircular recesses at the end of the nippers are convenient, they grab the nail and after biting do not allow the bitten part to fly to the side, as sometimes happens. About the pliers nothing remarkable can be said, everything is like everyone else. The general minus is the same, the arm span increased compared to other multitools.

Scissors SOG EOD PowerLock B61.

The only tool when using it for some reason was fixing problems. With a massive appearance, they have a small cutting edge, for some reason they cut in the right hand better than in the left. Paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, nails, thin copper wire with cutting no problems.

Bit holder adapter.

It took a little time to straighten the spring-loaded wire that is used as a clamp on it, otherwise the adapter for standard bits did not sit tight, although it may all depend on the adapter itself, the bolt fittings sat without any backlash from the very beginning.

Bottle Opener and Medium Screwdriver SOG EOD PowerLock B61.

Noteworthy, the opener opens, the screwdriver twists.

Knife SOG EOD PowerLock B61.

The chisel sharpening is very successful, when cutting by sharpening it is possible to cut very thin and neatly, the blade does not bite into wood, for example, but planes thin and neat strips, while cutting it is difficult to control, the knife blade strives to enter as deep as possible, at the same the tree itself.

SOG SOG EOD PowerLock B61.

Very aggressive. Normal sawing of wood is up to 3 centimeters in diameter, with a total saw length of 7 centimeters. 3.5 cm uncomfortable, but sawing. 4 cm sawing, but very uncomfortable.

Can opener and small screwdriver.

The can opener is very peculiar, you need to get used to it. The first can did not open to the end, it was dented. In the process, it was discovered that it was necessary not to cut, but to press, using the bottom of the opener as a pendulum. After this discovery, things went, there were no more problems with opening. Compared with a similar Victorinox knife opener, it is inferior to it, but not by much.

Large Phillips screwdriver and large screwdriver.

Unscrew and twist confidently, with lateral loads, the retainer holds, the tool does not fold. But the manufacturer’s stated ability to fix a Phillips screwdriver at an angle of 90 degrees does not work.

Impressions after working with the SOG EOD PowerLock B61 multitool and its operation.

Awl SOG EOD PowerLock B61.

Convenient, allows for use as a small chisel. Despite the shape, both soft (wood) and hard (5 mm plastic) materials pick without problems.

Impressions after working with the SOG EOD PowerLock B61 multitool and its operation.

Wood and metal file.

Due to its small surfaces and length, the efficiency of the file is small; during operation, the opening for opening is prevented.


Centimeter range corresponds.

Crimps on pliers SOG EOD PowerLock B61.

Not really used. In everyday life, for workers of specialties such as a system administrator, the lower one is quite useful, for crimping the cables inserted into some connectors.

General personal conclusions about the multitool SOG EOD PowerLock B61.

All tool cutting edges are expected to turn white after use. Blackness got off in places, the coating is not stable. Immediately upon receipt, it was necessary to grind off the sharp corners of the covers, digging into the palm of the hand. When working with a tool, especially screwdrivers, the gear teeth often interfere. All tools, as well as covers, are removed, which will facilitate the cleaning and washing of multitool, there are no inaccessible places. The pluses also include the lack of fasteners in the form of stars and everywhere normal bolts.

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