Improving the security of a private home, creating a community of neighbors, information security, programmable lighting, the use of video cameras.

Most homeowners take the security of their private home in much the same way as they do with a list of daily activities. It is necessary: ​​to establish good locks, to study the existing alarm systems, to make sure that the window locks are working properly, etc. Having reached the end of this list, they believe that now everything is in order.

Improving the security of a private home, creating a community of neighbors, information security, programmable lighting, the use of video cameras.

However, in fact, in order for the security system of your private home to function efficiently, it needs to be multilevel and active. And you should start with what is outside of your possessions, with neighbors. And those who live next to you, and those who live opposite. On the other side of the street.

Create a vigilant community of neighbors.

To ensure the protection of a private house, it is very important to establish good relations with neighbors. A person living near you with whom you communicate quite closely and who knows your habits is less likely to remain an indifferent observer. If you notice any suspicious activity in or near your home.

Therefore, from the very beginning, try to choose a place with good neighbors. Most intruders commit intruders living within a radius of three kilometers from the target of the attack.

Follow the information, setting up social networks during the holidays.

Always inform your neighbors that you are leaving. If the period of your absence will be long enough. Make sure that someone picks up your mail and items delivered to your home during this time. And check your social media settings before posting vacation photos there. It’s not necessary to tell the whole world that your house has been left unattended.

Information gleaned from social media can potentially be used during your long absence by robbers or “virtual kidnappers”. Who will try to get money from your loved ones under the pretext that you were allegedly kidnapped during the trip. To avoid such a development of events, when setting up your account on social networks, select the privacy mode.

Improving the security of a private home, creating a community of neighbors, information security, programmable lighting, the use of video cameras.

We periodically learn how imperfect the security systems of large technology companies are. And adroit criminals always find new and new ways to use their loopholes. Particular caution should be exercised when posting information about children on the Internet..

Limit surveillance options around your private home.

Before committing a crime, an attacker usually examines the situation on the spot. To make it difficult for him to solve this problem, try to make sure that, on the one hand, the potential cracker has less opportunities to study your private home and approaches to it. And on the other – so that the area around your private home is clearly visible to you from the inside.

To do this, start with the simplest steps. Thin out the vegetation near the house and carefully trim it. It is necessary to organize the site so that the criminal does not have the opportunity to hide. Do not save on electricity. Lighting the perimeter of a private house at night will scare away the most malicious criminals. Those who are interested not so much in your property as in yourself. They enter the house with the goal of harming you.

Using internal and external programmable lighting to protect your private home.

As you know, many homeowners during time of a long absence use timers to turn on and off the internal and external lighting. But you can go even further and take advantage of programmable lighting. It will be very useful for you. Turning on and off haphazardly lights make the home more like a habitable.

But the house, which every night suddenly lights up at the same time, will allow the attentive criminal to conclude that in this case timers work. To confuse an attacker, more “smart” timers are needed. Which turn the lights on and off in different rooms and on different floors at different times. Without any system. You can program them so that at the beginning of the evening the lights turn on in the kitchen and in the living room. And closer to night in these rooms it went out, but it caught fire in the bedroom.

To prevent outside monitoring of your house and what is happening in it, and to prevent unwanted observers from compiling a complete picture of your habits and daily routines (let them guess about it), whether you are at home or not, keep windows as often as possible curtained. Park the car in the garage and close and lock the door in it. Using a driveway as a parking spot gives attackers too much information about your lifestyle.

Using camcorders to secure a private home.

Having a camcorder provides homeowners with a sense of security. However, these devices are often located incorrectly. Make sure that the placement of the cameras is well thought out and their focal lengths are set correctly. The camcorder, which captures what is happening throughout the front yard, presents perhaps a more dynamic picture. But it can be useless when you need good-quality video frames showing an intruder.

But a video camera aimed only at a pedestrian walkway or at a door is more informative in this regard. On the other hand, to determine the brand, model, color and direction of movement of suspicious cars, a wide-angle lens may be more useful. Therefore, when choosing the focal length of lenses and video camera locations, you need to consider all the requirements.

Although the most modern camcorder models can transmit information in color, it is better to use black and white camcorders in terms of security. Since in low light the images obtained with their help are of better quality.

Camcorders should be installed so that they are visible. In this case, they act as a deterrent. As well as inscriptions and stickers warning of their presence. The latter should be used, since there is no law prohibiting the warning of the presence of a security system, even if it does not exist. In addition, single women can put on a pair of large men’s shoes next to the front and back doors to the house. That from the side it seemed that the man lives in the house.

Based on the book Survival in the Wild and Extreme Situations. 100 key skills in the special services methodology.
Clint Emerson.

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