Improvised means of active self-defense in everyday life, axes, machetes, knives, flares and pyrotechnics, raised flares, liquids.

Improvised means of active self-defense at home is all that is heavier and sharper. Best weighty ax or machete. No wonder it is said that a well-sharpened ax is worse than a pistol. The hammer will come off too. Unless, of course, he’s not from the do-it-yourself children’s kit. Weight wrench. Half a meter file. 

Improvised means of active self-defense in everyday life, axes, machetes, knives, flares and pyrotechnics, raised flares, liquids.

All these weapons are strike and strike action. Just do not prematurely demonstrate it to the enemy. It’s necessary to beat. Suddenly and violently. To begin with, hands clinging to a chain or door. Then preferably on the head. Hacksaw. It may also come in handy. If you act like a saber. That is, to cut limbs that violate the boundaries of your home.

. Much less effective means of active self-defense than the same ax or machete. Because they do not have such inertia of impact. But they are more convenient for the street. Because with an ax on his shoulder to a disco somehow not very. In the sense of dancing. But with a knife in a purse, why not. Thick and long knives and machetes, intended for cutting meat, are more suitable for home fighting. They can be chopped from top to bottom. With smaller knives, the enemy will have to cut and stab. Which requires a certain skill. So, if you have chosen a knife as a weapon of self-defense, learn how to handle it. It’s not as easy as you think.

Use only kitchen and penknives. They, unlike homemade products, are not considered edged weapons. And if you cut the gang of bandits in order to defend yourself with a knife to cut pages, the court will treat you more loyally than if you do the same with a homemade double-edging. By the way, buying custom-shaped knives at kiosks, I recommend storing checks and packaging. And then they always do this when you buy a knife, it is considered a souvenir, and when they kill someone with cold steel. And you have a check on it. Like, what kind of weapon, if it is allowed to sell in the store?

Penknives are worse than kitchen knives, as they must be opened. Perhaps with shaking hands, in the dark. Whether you will have time for this is unknown. In addition, the knife may close and cut your fingers when meeting with the enemy’s body. A kitchen knife, unlike a penknife, is enough to grab. Kitchen knives are also different. You need with the thickest blade possible. The subtle, faced with the clothes of the enemy who attacked you, will simply bend or break. If possible, the handle should be deep, roughened and patterned so that your fingers do not slide off the blade..

Any knife, as well as other self-defense weapons, must be used discreetly, hiding behind it or in a pocket and folds of clothing. Then the enemy does not have time to intercept him. I understand your inner protest against these of my advice. And I understand the police protest against these my advice. But what to do? A criminal war is going on in our country. Numerically superior population with a well-armed criminal minority. A kitchen knife is not a weapon against revolvers. But at least some weapon.

Therefore, when there is nowhere to go, when the situation threatens death or loss of honor, grasp the weapons of the oppressed proletariat (bricks and picket) and the weapons of offended housewives kitchen knives and machetes. I’ll say more for that knife that has been launched, you can be held accountable. And they can even be imprisoned for exceeding the limits of self-defense. But two to three years in prison is better than imprisonment. So I apologize for the cruel advice to the reader. And a separate line in front of the guardians of law and order. Who, I hope, will understand me if they introduce their wives and children in the hands of a rapist maniac. Without a kitchen knife.

Well, for those who are more afraid of someone else’s death than their own, I recommend that as a means of self-protection they sewed with a sting five to seven centimeters long. Which quickly cools the ardor of the robbers and the rapist, if it is strongly and often stuck in soft tissue. In addition, an awl, unlike a knife, is psychologically easier to use. After all, they cannot be killed. The disadvantages include the fact that they can not be killed. And if your opponent was not timid, then you will have to answer for damage to his skin. Other improvised means of self-defense include pyrotechnics. Best rockets. They are now sold in stores..

Pyrotechnics as a means of active self-defense and self-defense.

By their lethal force, many missiles come close to firearms. The rockets to be actuated by pulling the ignition cord should be selected. The ones set on fire do not fit, you simply will not be allowed to light them. The sequence of actions when launching a rocket is simple. I will give an excerpt from the instructions for its use.

1. Take the rocket in your left hand so that your fingers tightly cover the metal sleeve of the launch tube, and the palm does not cover the cap.
2. With your right hand, unscrew the cap, carefully release the extension cord with the ring, take the ring in your right hand.
3. Give the rocket the desired direction. In your case, the desired direction is the direction towards the bandit who has attacked you or your friends.
4. Make a sharp jerk of the exhaust cord towards yourself with your right hand along the axis of the rocket.
5. If the need to use a rocket has disappeared, then lay the cord with the ring inside the rocket and screw on the cap. All clear?

Here is just a cap. There will be no time for you to turn off the cap well-ground to the rocket. Therefore, I propose to prepare for the use of the rocket in advance. Why unscrew the cap and glue it to the rocket body using tape or electrical tape. Then it will be enough to make two or three turns so that the cap is removed. With some training, you can learn to do it discreetly, with the fingers of one hand, in your pocket. Well, then, according to the instructions, point and pull the ignition cord towards yourself. Well, how lucky there. The main disadvantage of rockets is their one-time action. Therefore, you need to properly tag and shoot for sure? Or carry two rockets. In order to shoot one, immediately put into battle the second.

Now, instead of parachute missiles, small mortar cartridges are sometimes used, launched using a special mechanism the size of a little more than a fountain pen and, by the way, having the appearance of a fountain pen. For self-defense, they are more convenient than missiles due to their small size and multi-charge. The civilian version of such mortars designed for hunters is sold in sports stores and has the name “Pyrotechnic signal of a hunter”. The kit includes a starter and a set of cartridges of red, yellow and green lights. However, color is not important to you.

Stopping power is important to you. Which is not much lower than rockets. And exceeds the tactical and technical capabilities of gas pistol cartridges. To bring the “fountain pen” into the combat platoon, it is necessary: ​​to screw the mortar onto the nozzle, having previously removed the safety cap from it, cock the combat spring by pressing the shutter button all the way and fixing it in a special cutout on the body. Now for firing a shot, it is enough to direct the “fountain pen” in the direction you need and push the shutter button with your thumb out of the groove.

Raised fires have a more gentle effect. The principle of operation is the same as that of missiles. The raised flares are driven by pulling out the ignition cord, “firing” a powerful, up to half a meter in length, flame. Which can scorch the face of your enemy, damage his eyes. Similarly, you can use PSND (signal cartridge day-night action). More precisely, its nighttime half (the daytime shoots smoke and does not help in the fight against the enemy). Just need to remember. The location of the launch cord in the signal cartridge is opposite the rocket. That is, the signal is triggered in the same direction where the cord jerks. If you forget about it and pull out the cord not from yourself, but from the rocket habit of yourself, you can neutralize yourself, not the enemy. The trigger cord for the raised fires and the PSND is located where the signal nozzle is looking.

Sometimes explosive packages purchased from military personnel are used as a means of self-defense. Their army mission to imitate a grenade explosion on exercises. And the explosion really turns out impressive. Able to scare even the most mentally balanced bandit. Nevertheless: I do not recommend using explosive packets for self-defense. Since they are dangerous not only for the criminal, but also for the victim. The ignited banal wick burns quite quickly, and if at least a little gape, then a simulation explosion can tear your fingers.

In addition, the need to use matches makes the rapid use of explosive packages impossible and unmasks your intentions in front of the enemy. If we use them, then only in order to break away from the crowd of hooligans chasing you, throwing similar false grenades in their direction. To some extent, as a means of self-defense, various pyrotechnic crackers sold at any kiosk and the like fireworks, which can stun and scare a bandit or a rapist who has attacked you, can be useful. But again, pyrotechnics, which operate without matches, should be preferred.. 

Odorous, irritating liquids and acids as means of active self-defense.

A good means of self-defense can be considered “self-made” odorous and irritating fluids that can be sprayed with large-volume medical syringes and rubber pears (enemas). Foreign sources recommend lemon juice. But with the same, or rather, with great success, you can use other corrosive liquids (ammonia, vinegar or even vinegar essence, etc.). So that they do not drip in bags and pockets, the proboscis of pears and syringes should be covered with plasticine and shoved into the cap from the fountain pen. With strong pressure, rubber pears can throw a jet up to four meters away. You ask: why carry enemas with you when there are tear gas canisters?

Well, firstly, it’s better to carry both. Secondly, the spray can may be fake. But ammonia is definitely not. And thirdly, serious aerosols (nerve agents and concentrated actions) are prohibited for use in our company. Only “lungs” are allowed, which cannot be compared with vinegar essence. Use such improvised means should be from close range, trying to hit the enemy in the face. Because if you don’t face it, you will only anger him.

As an extreme means of self-defense, when it comes to life and death, you can use the acids that are carried with you in quick-open glass containers or in syringes. When spraying acids, be careful not to spray. Just remember, when you use illegal substances such as acids, vinegar essence and similar traumatic substances, you become a criminal. Don’t want to go to jail? Then wear pepper or salt in your clothing pockets. Or pepper-salt mixtures. Which soldiers used during the First World War. And so we can.

Pepper mixes can be nearly as effective as tear gas cans. Unless, of course, get the criminal in the eyes and nose. And if the pepper is strong. What is better to check in advance, having experienced the “causticity” of several different varieties. Quite unexpectedly, any flammable liquids accidentally caught by you can come in handy as a weapon of self-defense. I know the case when two hooligans pounced on a man who was carrying a three-liter jar of gasoline. Trying to defend himself, he splashed gasoline at them, bounced to the side and lit a lighter. Hooligans instantly retreated.

Household active self-defense in an apartment.

In an apartment, hot pans removed from a gas stove may turn out to be very effective weapons. Or boiling water or even soup splashed into the face of a bandit attacking you. Remember what the inhabitants fought off from the enemy pressing on the fortress walls? Hot tar. So the hot pilaf in the face was not invented by us. If the visit of uninvited guests has found you in the bathroom, open the faucet with hot water to its full potential and, when the door collapses, send a shower to the criminals. If there is time, unscrew or break the divider or pull out the hose from it so that the boiling water hits with a powerful jet.

As an exotic weapon, you can use bare electric wires torn from a wall or a table lamp. An electric current discharge somewhere in the head area is a good deterrent. However, you can also get energized by touching the exposed parts of the wire. Therefore, it is better to use not the wires from the desk lamp, but the lamp itself. Why do you need to quickly smash the ceiling and the upper part of the electric cartridge against the wall and beat the criminal with exposed contacts sticking out of his remains.

Turn on the lamp just before you strike. And make sure that the socket where the plug is stuck is located behind you and the criminal cannot pull it out. In any case, no matter what you use as an impromptu weapon, it is better to learn how to handle it beforehand. Because even if the pan is over the ear, you still need to hold it in your hands and figure it out, as if more convenient.

Dogs as a means of active self-defense.

Here, to the means of active protection, I will take the dogs. At least because fighting dogs are also weapons. Moreover, much more superior in its “tactical and technical” capabilities. Unlike a stun gun, a dog allows its owner not to come into contact with a criminal. And watch from afar how the bones of his offender are gnawing. It is impossible to take the dog away, like a gun or gas pistol, and use against you. No matter what mutilations your “four-legged weapon” does to the criminal, they will not judge you. And for an unregistered gas gun can be held accountable. Among other things, the dog also loves you, and the gas spray convinced?

Then step into the company of dog breeders and pick up a “friend of interest”. Rather, it’s in your most important interest to protect your life and property. Which dogs to choose? Depending on what you want to protect the apartment, yourself, a country house or something else. But in any case, the dog must undergo a special training course, because one anger and the desire of someone to bite to death will not be enough. However, even the most outbred mongrel can serve you well. I’ll tell you one story.

Its beginning is banal. Thieves climbed into the apartment, and as soon as they unzipped their bags to stack their booty, a lap-dog popped out of the kitchen. Such a little, but vicious. Like all lapdogs. At first, she barked, to which the criminals paid no attention. Then she managed to bite one of them by the leg..

Oh you … dog! said one of the robbers. And he tried to catch her. But the lap dodged. And grabbed it again. Hold her! shouted a very angry bandit and rushed after the dog that offended him. Behind him is a second burglar. For ten minutes they rushed around the apartment for their four-legged foe. And finally drove the lapdog into a corner. But they did not have time to commit reprisal. Because the capture group broke into the apartment. It turns out that the lower neighbors, who knew that there were no tenants upstairs, heard the “elephant stomp” and the squeal of the dog and called the police. And you say mongrel!

Based on materials from the School of Survival during the Economic Crisis.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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