In addition to water and air, humanity absolutely needs food and sex, what an aphrodisiac is for survival. Extreme cuisine.

In addition to water and air, humanity absolutely needs food and sex to survive. It is not surprising that sometimes they mix, or rather, are closely combined. Both of these are often distinguished by frank sensuality, and therefore one organically passes into the other or both processes proceed simultaneously. 

In addition to water and air, humanity absolutely needs food and sex, what an aphrodisiac is for survival. Extreme cuisine.

Resurrecting the widespread ideas about life in the Roman Empire, and not so long ago in tsarist Russia, can you do without the scenes of sumptuous feasts and sexual orgies merged together? Let’s start with the essence of the matter and talk about food and seduction. Some believe that the kiss came from mouth-to-mouth feeding. And isn’t a common prelude to sex a romantic dinner with clouding drinks?

and only through this they are sold at a higher price. Nowadays, in many sex shops, along with dildos and stimulating lubricants, candy and pasta in the shape of a penis, cookies in the shape of a woman’s breast and edible lingerie are offered. Perhaps the reader remembers the posters of the well-known pizzeria chain that appeared in the 60s and asked: “Have you had a taste of pleasure for a long time?”

As for restaurants that not only hint, but also openly offer, food is given the properties of a sexual partner or attribute of sex. The sophisticated perverted imagination of culinary experts turns bananas and cucumbers into penises, and Japanese – lovers of sexual innovations agree to eat sushi only from a naked female body. Preferably with the body of a virgin. Have you heard about Thai restaurants without hands? Surely you remember how in The Last Tango in Paris, Marlon Brando oiled the development of the forbidden connection with Maria Schneider? Do you know about the existence of “wet and sticky” (type “Wet and sloppy” on Yahoo or Google and you will understand what I mean; just send the children to bed before)?

There is also a philosophical, or rather, a religious aspect of this issue. That there are five pillars of the tantric tradition. Systems of action – unlike the systems of knowledge, which are Hinduism and Buddhism, which promise the attainment of nirvana throughout life for those who learn to enjoy and achieve ecstasy? Fish, meat, wine, cereals and sexual intercourse. The connection of erotic art with food has millennial roots.

Etruscan amphorae and ancient Greek dishes and cups are decorated with images of the most revealing erotic scenes. On one plate that belonged to the ancient Mayans, a monkey caresses a naked woman. For many centuries, the Japanese drank sake from cups decorated with images of copulating couples; moreover, some cups have a phallic shape. This connection is reflected in the language. Everyone understands the allegorical meaning of the “food” terms “berry”, “eggs”, “banana”, “rolls”, the innocent verb “suck”.

What is an aphrodisiac.

Finally, about aphrodisiacs. Perhaps no other area of ​​gastronomy is distinguished by the same ingenuity, coupled with the dubious result. As Alan Davidson notes in the Oxford Culinary Guide, a literature study on the subject.

“It shows that ideas about aphrodisiacs are very different. Obviously, all products, having in their composition nutrients and due to this supporting the body in a healthy state, can be perceived as aphrodisiacs. Because, along with other vital functions, they also provide the sexual function of a person. However, their specific action is so weakly expressed that it does not deserve a separate mention. ”.

In a 15th-century work entitled “The Fragrant Garden”, a mixture of nutmeg, frankincense and honey is proposed as a remedy for premature ejaculation, applying ointment from honey and ginger to the penis promises to increase its size, and daily intake of a mixture of honey, ginger, cinnamon and cardamom Recommended as a way to combat impotence. The famous Indian treatise “Kamasutra” calls upon those concerned about the problem of erection to boil goat or ram eggs in milk with sugar or simmer passerine eggs in a mixture of milk, honey and butter. The Chinese preferred reindeer horns, rhino horn and tiger penis in a healing tincture or in soup. The ancient Greeks cooked carrots and onions. Ovid wrote in his Science of Love.

“Some people mix pepper and stinging nettle seed, breed a ground navel in old urine, but it’s not possible to give the goddess bliss. Eat white onions … “.

In Rome at the time of Pliny, sex problems were solved with the help of garlic. He was ground with coriander and bred in white wine. In the Elizabethan era relied on lowly potatoes. The Indians believe that the source of masculine power is garlic. Yemenis see it in nutmeg, however, if consumed excessively, it can cause hallucinations. Pacific Islanders drink the juice of the kava-kava plant: women chew its root, spit saliva-saturated saliva into a common bowl and then pass it to guests, who also let it go in circles.

As a means of increasing sexual power, oysters have been consumed in many regions. Aphrodisiac recipes were in great fashion in the 18th century. According to the Gastronomic Laruss, a typical meal in those days could consist of about such a set of dishes. Turtle soup with ambergris, Norman flounder, reindeer fillet in cream sauce, teal stew in wine, spit-fried young pigeon, watercress, asparagus in Dutch sauce, bone marrow pudding, good burgundy, port and coffee . The author of the Elizabethan era, Henry Battes, prescribes the use of chestnuts, which “are very similar to the testicles, an instrument of lust.” In Paris, street vendors shouted: “Artichokes! Artichokes! Ignite the body and the Spirit! Genitals are inflamed! ”

So what is an aphrodisiac? Usually, this term refers to a certain substance, animal, vegetable or mineral – and in the age of Viagra and pharmaceutical – a product used to stimulate male and / or female libido, enhance sexual activity, induce and maintain an erection or increase the sensitivity of the clitoris, increase the orgasm of both sexes partners. No wonder this kind of “product” has always been popular..

Absinthe, champagne, black tea, sarsaparilla, goiter and pancreas, testicles (seed glands), black nightshade, brains, kidneys, oysters, lobsters and spiny lobsters, caviar and milk, starfish, cuttlefish, smoked and salted mullet, anchovies, turtles , shrimp, sea urchins, trumpeters, mussels, truffles, celery, red pepper, cola nut, round mint, allspice, marjoram, parsley, chervil and fern root, radish, lotus, pistachios.

Caraway, thyme, sage, beetroot nickname, walnut, almond, dates, quince, musk, vanilla, cloves, saffron, shark fins, the blood of many animals, especially snakes, pigeons (due to an attractive courtship ritual), penises of any animals . You can continue, continue and continue the list of products endowed with sex properties, the presence of which no one has yet proven. Yes, if they all provided what is required of them, most of us would turn into sex maniacs.

Perhaps the best-known product of this kind is the Spanish fly, the “spice”, which is prepared from bright green beetles living in North Africa. The powder is considered hazardous to health, and its sale is almost universally prohibited. Another substance known for its ability to improve blood circulation is yohimbine, obtained from a South American tree. However, this is a drug, not a food product.. 

“A safe product that, when used by a potential partner, would instantly raise a wave of sexual desire in him, how happy this person would be, and how often he and others would use this discovery! In a word, the real food product of an aphrodisiac is about the same as a chest of gold buried where the rainbow fell “.

Alex Comfort, whose name adorns the covers of sex books about the joys of sex, says that the best aphrodisiacs are, in order of enumeration, “relaxation, boredom, sleep, meat and women combined with wine and well-being, fun, music and a pleasant atmosphere.” Others assure that there are only two faithful aphrodisiacs for a man trying to lure a woman to bed, and they have nothing to do with food, because their name is money and power. For me – satisfying, but fresh.

Based on the book Extreme Cuisine.
Jerry Hopkins.

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