In captivity during the interrogation

To give you,

SAS: Survival Secrets – Interrogation resistance

What is the essence of this kin?

Training on countering conventional interrogation techniques

What does it mean? The Convention, and prisoner of war not exposed torture. It is clear that the observance of such norms is still very relative. But, however, prisoner of war integrity of the body. This is the main thing.

In such a situation, everything depends solely on your physical and psychological endurance. That is, while you are not sleeping and not sleeping, repeat “Yankee-Charlie-Whiskey-Six-Six” and nothing will happen. It is not a bad idea.

Of course, there are some points.

So, for example, if you’re plowing you. And interrogator will not interrogate you – investigator, and “enlister” – recruiter.

it specialists, If you are not a psychologist, you can use it very well. That is, you can try to generate it in almost any state. Also, it will be experts in the field of lie recognition. “If you’re the one who asked for a question, if you’re the answer, you’ll be able to make your eyes go up – then you’ll be able to go ahead.” It is a complete review. Each individual feature is practically worthless. Well, okay, not about that.

In fact, within conventional interrogation you may not say anything at all. And you for it will be nothing. Well, eat and sleep. It is hard, but endured. This is especially true of the most important information. The rate of reductions.

It is only in the cinema, knowing his command, he said: “He will not tell you anything!” In real life, what you were taken prisoner – this is already a mistake captive side. Why? Yes, because you need to cleanly and get data. The fighter has been captured. So, all plans need to be changed, purely so, just in case.

A small remark about the “importance of information”

You still have important information. Just because you can’t know what or not you know. It is enough to give it a hand. And then the case will connect army intelligence, The troops are in the process of

In short, just surname your his commander may be in the zone fighting.

So just keep quiet. To make it easier, taldychte any crap, a meaningless set of letters and numbers for example. Most importantly, you’re not getting lost. Then, if you’re a little bit long, you’ll not be spammy, stupid cattle do not perceive it. This will provoke an internal state of malice counter interrogation.

How to learn this meaningfully?

The question is complicated. Do not receive training in counter interrogation. For preparing methods interrogation comes down to the fact that “Carry a snowstorm, all the same, nothing will happen

The personal motivation. The same stories about “Special forcesIt’s not a problem. fighter / person.

So do your physical form, make yourself a strong motivation, and canon interrogation, In the framework of the framework of the Geneva Convention, you must be completely irrelevant.

Another conversation when it comes to unconventional interrogation techniques.

Anyone who understands what normal interrogation, It is a matter of time. And you will be very small.

The fact is that in such cases mental integrity and of the body man plays absolutely no role for investigator. He needs only information. “Yes, let me die already!”

And do not let him do it. Do not give the most unpleasant and painful way. Questions of psychology here, as a rule, are not affected. Breaking a person psychologically for a long time. He will simply withdraw himself and go to the roof. And to achieve something distinct from him.

So, there are two points with unconventional methods interrogation. And they need to understand for themselves as quickly as possible:

  • After the interrogation they will kill me.
  • After the interrogation they won’t kill me.

After the interrogation they will kill me

If you want your colleagues, then in captivity it is better not to fall. But if it happened, then it would be the easiest way out. Especially if it is clear that you will not like it. It will be most likely not be given. Because the process will begin as soon as possible after capture.

Generally worse than express interrogation awayyeah right in the woods in the swamp), there is nothing, as stabbing will be fast and hard. Starting from the hands, or even to the legs, fire.

About simple things, such as falling asleep in wounds, even no one speaks. By the way, falling asleep gunpowder in wounds, followed by ignition is not so common. It can cause anaphylactic shock and death. It’s not very conquering.

Therefore, if it is clear that after interrogation If you’re taking a shower, you’ll see it. If you’re an experienced specialist, you’ll be able to find out. It can be found out only in such a situation. If you want to understand what it is about. So do not amuse yourself illusions, better suicide.

After the interrogation they won’t kill me

If the situation is such that after interrogation you are still alive It is a fact that you’ve been treating it. This is the case, the chop, which is no longer a person.

Forget about the movie. For people with disabilities, fingers, and genitals. the rescue.

So, if it is clear keep alive according to the results of obtaining information, and interrogators you are completely interested, then there are some options.

First of all, you need to be affected. resistance to interrogation. How to find out? Yes, everything is simple – be silent. Means of suggestion. Again, this is a signal for you. If you just beat, it’s not scary, then most likely again, will beaten in the same way. It’s not scary. It is not a rule. It is accidentally tearing you away and you die. In general, keep quiet until they apply the “first level” to you. physical impact.

As soon as you stop it, bring it up, it’s time to start talking. Choking with bloody snot (and after a literal scuffle it’s easy), tell me about your relatives. Most likely, this will cause a reaction of approval. This is what the “client” speaks. Once spoke, then ready to contact. The situation and gather strength. Moreover, you will most likely be asked within the parameters you specified. “I want to come back to them,” “

Smoothly moving to more relevant issues like:

  • who it,
  • where you serve
  • who is the commander
  • what goals and objectives.

Well, the list goes on.

Intends to call there investigator understanding and sympathy, bad mute. You will start howling “You can’t!”, “I can’t!” “I’m not a traitor!”

Understand such a thing – pathological sadists among investigators few. And there are even fewer professional torturers (that is, people who say). And very few professional sadists. Why? And they have a very high mortality rate of interrogated citizens.

It’s not a pleasure. You are irritating and rewarding pastime.

You can’t say what you’re trying to moaning for. It’s not a treachery, it’s not a treachery. That they themselves are not happy to do it all. And time goes by.

It’s not a problem. It doesn’t need to be. And so on at every stage. You can only ask for a question. One hell then all the same answer to all that they ask. It can be seen that it has been broken. It is a little bit more efficiently.

As for lies. Or, clever words – misinformation

It was easier to lie, many details were stupid not to check. It is a fact that it has been a lot of information. misinformation.

The devil – he is in the details, remember? Distorted or incorrectly specified trifles false picture.

So for example, you can’t say that you’re a captain. Trifle? Yes. But you can spend more time checking your data. Or not, but 12 people. Similarly, it can be distorted, such as the exit time, the “in the field”. It will not be possible to follow this information.

The most important thing to do is not brazenly and frankly. The teachings of Dr. If you are a person with professionally tired eyes. Well, yes, the principle of issue misinformation truthful information. It is also a fact that they give you peace of mind.

Again, the feeling of your own tricks sharply raises motivation on survival in such cases. If you are caught in a lie, you are a magnus .. interrogation it will not be possible to save it, it will be checked as quickly as possible.

Important note:

It is not always a case for expressions. Here we must look at how the situation develops around. How much do you need?

Regarding motivation

Personal motivation – The factor is very important. Perhaps no less important than physical training. It is well known that working with fanatics is the hardest. First, they are very tough motivated to his death and his brothers in jihad. By and large, “martial brotherhood“And”we do not throw oursIt is not necessary to make it possible to remain silent.

How do you create yourself motivation, that’s your business. If we take as an example any postapokalipsis, where the family is motivation for you will be their life and health. And here it is very important that they are REALLY dear to you. Therefore, the question of creating of motivation – this moment is very subtle and ambiguous.

It is designed to counter torture.

Legends and fables about this goes wild amount. And real technicians are scored to mention them. This is not the course. None Because the military must be taught don’t get caught, it is not a waste These techniques are designed for training employees Operational and undercover intelligence (Rezun), in order to get an idea of ​​a citizen mosshiny.

Therefore, we concentrate on the three greatest numbers of rumors.

1. About yogis who sleep and eat razors

This is what you allow. disable body sensations. How much is real in the preparation – I personally have big doubts. Because the yogis themselves have been grasping these truths for years. It is difficult for a person to be able to consider.

2. About falling into a trance

Another option for responding to external influence on interrogation – this is the confluence of trance. In the same way as the technique of the yogis. And then again, how much time will it take?

3. Hurt me, call me your thing.

It’s about the “training” of a certain masochism.

That is, the reaction to pain, expressed in accentuated sexual arousal. Well, because of the positive emotions.

The bike is a lot of doubts. If only because you see the erection during the beating process during interrogation, you can’t get it. And again, the boundaries of pleasure. It is very difficult to concentrate on sexual satisfaction.

I’m remind you about it once again, and “bikes” and “legends” that revolve around this topic. Well, again, a VERY hurt insane amount. And the types of pain will be very different. To all not adapt.

Well, let’s close up options.

The main point that concerns preparing for interrogation – you can only be ready for the behavior on conventional interrogation. For a simple reason, during the training process.

That is, the task of preparation includes mainly resistance training to physical and psychological fatigue. It is a woman who has been able to follow his or her mind. , with a very uncomfortable bent back, not having opportunities to move). The maximum injuries that can be inflicted in the learning process. Of course, you can talk about the training center CIAFarms“Where are the legends?” I do not believe.

Well, the second point associated with the preparation – the creation of motivation. But this is a question of motivation depends on so many factors. And not only internal, but also external. This is of motivation.

Behavior in captivity and during interrogation. What to expect and how to survive?

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