In Paris, an unknown person attacked with a knife: 8 victims

Crime prevention crime. At least, it’s exactly what it’s supposed to be. It makes it possible for you to make decisions. It can be used to get rid of it. Which, by the way, literally just happened.

So. Paris, September 10, 2018. Evening, about 11 o’clock. Territory near Urk channel. Civilians walk, chat, play a strange game called petanque. Here is a knife on people. The knife is ordinary, kitchen – 30 centimeters. You can buy at any store. But the man wields them very confidently and purposefully.

We remind you of our firearms as bad as ours. You need to throw. Yeah, right now. Metal balls are used to play petanque. Heavyweight. Very weighty. In short, well-aimed Frenchmen couldn’t be caught up. So he managed to trim the couple

At the moment, there are 8 hospitals in Paris. One civilian in intensive care – his condition is extremely serious.

The French were really accurate. By the way, the local mayor rendered thanks to them. Of course, it’s just a dream.

The aggression against the civilians. DOES NOT draw conclusions. One can only advise metal balls for self-defense. It somehow increases the chances of survival.

P.S. The terrorist act. Responsibility for the incident.

P.P.S. Also we remind you about the night of September 10th, at 4:10 pm. As a result, two offenders were hospitalized, the offender was arrested.


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