“In the bedroom of God”: An abandoned hangar with space ships

You can not go in the bedroom to God,
Even if he’s not there.
You can not go in the bedroom to God,
Behind the door is a big secret
– Underwood.

The 60th anniversary of the world space harbor, the Baikonur cosmodrome, was celebrated. It was the Energy-Buran system. He died in infancy.

There were no changes in the space between the stars and the rest of the spacecraft. It was a slight irony.

In the bedroom of god

The construction of the Baikonur cosmodrome. He designed the Izhevsk Institute “Prikompromproekt.” It is simply huge sliding gates. 36 meters, distance of 36 meters, sufficient for the passage of the “grasshopper”

It is a fact that there is a possibility that there will be a risk of damage.

This is a series of story-building extensions-story-line extensions.

Since this was a ship, it was artificially created in it. All doors leading from the hull to the corridors were airtight.

There are three transverse beams for each of them. It is possible that they are entangled by a complex system of walkways under the roof itself.

Currently, it’s not a problem. But, despite the fact that it is a mock-up of a ship. Both are complementary to each other.

And now, let’s go down and take a look at the whole room. This is a magnificent observation platform.

The MZK of the MZK has been hungry for a series of descending or turning technological platforms equipped with hydraulic actuators. It is necessary to carry out these structures. Here are the passenger gateways, ladders to get on board the orbital ships.

I like not photographing photographs demonstrating the use of technological platforms. Photos taken from the site Buran.

Go down to the orbital ships. They are not moving along the rails sunk into the floor. Technology platforms and other technology platforms are those that are designed to access cabins and engines. Platforms, like ships, cannons

State of the art is very pitiable. It is a layer of bird droppings that has been broken down.

The “Storm” reached 95 percent. If you’re looking for a pattern of heat-shielding tiles, it will make a difference.

In the tail section, the “Storm” lost to the container, but the propulsion system looks completely intact.

The pre-glazing was not much affected.

The “adult” ship. Only some elements are replaced by wooden cubes. Of course, it wasn’t any kind of equipment. It’s not a problem, but it’s not a problem.

Another couple of views on the equipment MZK.

The story moves in a spiral. This is an objective process, repeating time after time. You can regret the lost space of the leading space power. For more than twenty years, the country doesn’t produce anything. It only remains a few words. It has been noted that there can be no doubt.

The romance left cosmonautics, the dry numbers of financial statistics. Why not spend a million dollars on space?

The superpowers had a positive effect on the scientific and technical progress. Possible tozens of various projects. It’s not clear that it’s not a problem.

The spacecraft was not predetermined before birth. Despite the fact that there has been a lot of time to go on the world stage,

I want to finish my article.

Rise my God! From ashes rise!
Arise my god! Rise from the ashes!

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The spirit of the apocalypse. Part 6: &# 171; In the bedroom of god&# 187;

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