In the forest and in the field at home, to help novice tourists. Allowance for tourists.

so that everything necessary fits in it and there is nothing superfluous.

Equally important for tourists is the ability to navigate an unfamiliar area, provide first aid if necessary, choose the right place for an overnight stay and a razvestikoster, distinguish edible mushrooms and berries from poisonous ones, quickly cook food, and preserve food longer. And a beginner in tourism without such knowledge is simply risky to hit the road. This book is addressed to those who have not yet gone hiking, but would like to join the cohort of travelers. It gives practical advice to amateur beginners. Its purpose is to call on the road those who, for one reason or another, did not dare to go on a trip, and help them go along the chosen route without unpleasant surprises, exciting, fun, with the greatest benefit for their health and mood.

The contents of the book In the woods and in the field at home, to help novice tourists.

Hiking trips.

Recruiting and distribution of duties. Clothing and equipment. Stacking the backpack. Movement and overcoming obstacles. Walking technique. Approximate daily routine. About insurance, rope and knots. Halt. Where and how to break a bivouac. Gable tent. Two-triple tent. Four-seater tent. Homemade tent PG1-40. Homemade tent designed by J. Rapoport. Universal tent of O. Basov. Wigwam Tent. Tourist tents. Bonfires. Drying clothes and shoes. Drinking mode. Meals on the hike. Product packaging. Culinary recipes of an experienced tourist.

First aid during the trip. First aid kit for a tourist group. An approximate set of group first aid kit. Insect protection. Personal hygiene on the hike. Physical education and hardening on the route. Morning work-out. Bruises. Sprain. Leg cramps. Scuffs and calluses. Burns. Solar and thermal shock. Lightning strike. Snake bites. How to bandage a wound. How to apply a bandage. Illness and damage to eyes. Gastrointestinal diseases and poisoning. Furuncle. Splinter. Behavior on the water. Assisting a drowning man. If water gets into your ear.


Topography Elements. Scale. Reading card. Determination of the terrain. Orientation by map and compass. Orientation with a map without a compass. Azimuth movement.

Hiking skiing.

What kind of ski do tourists need? Which mounts are better. Installation of hard mounts. Impregnation and lubrication of skis. Clothes and shoes of a skier. Skiing technique. Methods of skiing. Ways of skiing. Descent from the mountain and turning methods. How to brake on a descent. Movement on virgin soil and overcoming obstacles. Organization of an overnight stay. Prevention and first aid for frostbite. Help saved from wormwood. Transportation of the injured. Minor repair and storage of skis.

Hiking on the water.

Vessels for a tourist trip on the water. Ship set. The main seaworthiness of tourist boats. Optional kayak equipment. Additional equipment keel boat. Food tourist-vodnik. The technique of sailing on tourist ships. Steering tips. Maintenance and repair of boats. Choice of a route of a water trip. Running mode and daily routine. Overcoming obstacles. Parking place. Signals on the waterways. Signals and signs installed on rivers and banks. Sentinels. Running signs. Passing Signs.

Hiking trips by bicycle.

Selection and preparation of the bike. Caring for your bike and repairing it on the go. Clothing and equipment. Features of the organization of a cycling trip. Approximate daily routine for beginner cyclists. Cycling technique.

Tourist fishing.

The habits of some fish and how to catch them. Pike. Perch. Roach. Crucian. Tench. Carp. Burbot. Ruff. Bleak. Chub. Asp. Ide. Krasnoperka. Dace. Bream. Bait and bait. The bait. Bait. Nozzles. Fishing gear. Ways of fishing. Spinning Tips.

In the forest and in the field – at home.

Orienteering without a map and compass. Time and place are always reminded …. Signs of steady clear weather. Signs of a change in clear weather to inclement weather. Signs of persistent inclement weather. Signs of better weather. There will be a thunderstorm soon … Animals – weather forecasters. Plants are barometers. Mushrooms – help in the campaign. The berries are healthy and poisonous. Wild plants are edible. Pharmacy around us.

In the forest and in the field at home, to help novice tourists. Allowance for tourists. To download a book

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