In the United States developed a new combat exoskeleton “Third Hand”

When you hear the phrase “battle exoskeleton“Surely something massive, armored, hit by a tank shell. Something like a Space Martial armor from the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Or a power gun from the Fallout universe. Or something like a loader Lieutenant Ripley crumbled the Queen of Aliens.

The reality is much more prosaic, although no less interesting. But it will not be a reality. The US Army has developed a special light combat exoskeleton, It makes it possible that it doesn’t interfere with the mobility of a fighter, and it makes

However, this is not a very convenient and functional weapon.

They were carried out with light machine guns. M249 and M240. It makes it possible to make the first weighing. And the use of the “third hand” completely eliminates this problem. It is not only the weight loss, but also the decrease. By the way, the “third hand” will be measured on the belt.

The “third hand” practically does not affect the mobility of a fighter. In the prone position, she still automatically helps herself to fire. When adopting a vertical position – gently pushed back. Thanks to a special firearms used by the US Army.

As the tests showed, the design also makes it easier to shoot from the corner. In fact, the fighter has been, since the emphasis is on the exoskeleton. Yes, and reloading of heavy weapons, it is also much more convenient.

It becomes one more pleasant moment – it becomes a calmer. At the same time, the complex electronics is mainly levers and hydraulics.

In short, the idea of ​​looking wild at first glance. In fact, it is a very useful thing. And more importantly, she liked the fighters who participated in the trials. This is a theoretical calculation.

In the United States developed a new combat exoskeleton “Third Hand”

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