In the US, they sell an AK-47 Kalashnikov assault rifle of their own production.

American company Kalashnikov USA Announced production of Kalashnikovs manufactured in the USA (model AK-47).

Already on July 1, the first samples AK-47 American-made appeared in some US gun stores.

Company Kalashnikov USA, the former Russian Weapon Company, Kalashnikov products.

However, in 2014, it was imposed against the Russian Federation. In the legendary machine guns.

In case of UPI. Additional trunks were also made on the trunks, which makes it possible to attach a muzzle brake or a silencer.

Photo courtesy of the Kalashnikov Concern press service

Vice president Kalashnikov USA Bill Silver said on Tuesday AK-47 American-made have already appeared in some US gun stores.

AK-47 and its modifications are the most common small arms in the world. It is AK or its copy.

Over the 65 years that have been passed since the AK-47, it was more than 100 million guns. Under license and without Kalashnikov assault rifle produced in Africa.

Source – RIA News


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