In what dishes is it better to marinate, soak and serve skewers?

Properly selected dishes are of particular importance in the preparation of kebabs. It should be safe and practical. When choosing containers for soaking meat, special attention is paid to the material of their manufacture. What should be made dishes for kebabs, and what features of its use?

  • What kind of dishes to marinate kebabs
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  • 3Ware for ready-made kebabs

What kind of dishes to marinate kebabs

In the preparation of meat for shish kebab using various marinades. They often contain acids that, when exposed to certain materials, release toxic elements. Therefore, in order to cook a tasty kebab and not to harm the health, you should carefully consider the choice of containers for soaking meat.

When choosing dishes, in which the kebab will be marinated, it is necessary to consider the following indicators:

  1. Material. Marinated skewers can be in enamel, glass, clay and ceramic dishes. Acids on such material do not have a negative effect. It is strictly forbidden to use aluminum containers for marinade. When exposed to vinegar, which is part of the mixture for harvesting kebabs, substances harmful to the human body are released. It is also impractical to use wooden utensils, since such a material quickly absorbs moisture and at the expense of tanning elements in the composition contributes to a change in the taste qualities of the kebab.
  2. The size of the tank. For the preparation of high-quality kebabs it is necessary that all the meat is completely saturated with marinade. For these purposes, it is recommended to use sufficiently deep capacious dishes. In such containers, it is convenient to mix the kebabs and pieces of meat will not be weathered from the top.
  3. Cap. Cooking utensils should be hermetically sealed. Bacteria will not get into the container with the lid and the kebab will quickly absorb the marinade.

Shashlik dishesPlastic containers and cast iron pots are not recommended for pickling. Exposure to an acid-filled liquid can adversely affect human health.

Sometimes when preparing meat for cooking on the grill using stainless steel utensils. When choosing containers from such material, the quality of the product should be considered.

Marinating features

Without the marinade, meat cooked on the fire will be dry and not tasty. Therefore, the shish kebab is pre-impregnated with various mixtures. To speed up the marinating process, add acid-containing ingredients. Most commonly used:

  • vinegar;
  • wine;
  • citric acid.

Shashlik dishesSuch substances, falling on the walls of the wrong tableware, contribute to the oxidation of the material.

Before you start marinating, you need to carefully inspect the enameled steel tanks for defects. It may be chipped or small cracks. Cooking in such dishes is not recommended, since the products, after standing in it for a long time, the products acquire the taste of metal.

Marinade should have access to all the pieces of meat in the pan. To accurately determine their readiness, it is best to soak the meat in a glass dish. In transparent containers, it is quite clearly visible on which piece the marinade fell the least.

Dishes for ready-made kebabs

Skewers are usually cooked before serving. But if it is necessary to fry the meat in advance or a large number of servings, then you should pick up special dishes for storing and serving the finished kebab.

There are several types of such containers. Each has its own characteristics of use:

  1. Dishes heated. Such containers – food warmers allow you to maintain the temperature after cooking. Especially important is their use in nature in cold weather. The special ware consists of two capacities located one above another. In the upper part is laid out roasted meat on a fire, and hot coals are poured into the lower part. The food warmers have a lid that helps retain heat while the dish is heated.
  2. Tanks for storing kebabs. Finished meat that is not served immediately to the table is placed in special containers. Such dishes should have a tight lid to preserve the aroma of smoke a little longer. Put it in a cold place. If you need to store kebabs before the arrival of guests, then often used thermal containers. Such isothermal dishes do not allow the meat cooked on the grill to cool quickly before serving. Food storage containers must be made of the correct and quality material. Some isothermal containers can save the initial temperature of a kebab taken from a fire for six hours.
  3. Meals for serving the finished meat. You can spread cooked kebabs on any large plate. But in nature, instead of heavy dishes, plastic containers are mainly used. When selecting such dishes, be sure to pay attention to the labeling of the product. If the product has the designation “PS”, then it can be used only for cold food, the letters “PP” mean the possibility of using hot dishes. Such containers are convenient enough to serve the kebabs in the campaign. But it is impossible to keep meat even in heat-resistant plastic for a long time.

Shashlik dishesGlass containers are quite popular for storing kebabs. Any dish looks pretty attractive in them. But it’s not practical to take glassware with you on a hike, as they may break or crack in a backpack. The most convenient way is to use pots and bowls made of high-quality stainless steel. They are light and safe.

On sale you can find different types of dishes intended for marinating and storing kebabs. Make special containers in the form of containers and pans. They also produce whole sets of dishes for cooking on the fire.

When choosing dishes for kebabs should consider its size and type of material. The main thing that it was sufficiently roomy and safe. Properly selected containers for meat cooked on the grill will help not only to quality pickle the kebabs, but also to preserve the smell of smoke and its original taste before serving.

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