Independent travel by car: what to take with you?

Having a car is a significant plus for a modern person. In addition to convenience in everyday life, the car offers great opportunities in terms of recreation. Traveling by car is suitable for those who do not like to limit themselves in time and be chained to one place.

  • Planning a trip by car
  • 2 Ready car to travel
  • 3Preparation of the driver for the trip
  • 4Collecting suitcases for the whole family.
    • 4.1 Documents
    • 4.2Clothing
    • 4.3 Hygiene products
    • 4.4 First Aid Kit
    • 4.5Other equipment and things
  • 5Safety on the road, important tips

Planning a trip by car

Machine preparationDuring the trip, your car is for you and a friend, and assistant, and brother. All success of a trip depends on her condition. Pre-pass inspection at a service that you trust. Even the most minor problems should be fixed. This will avoid breakdowns and accidents on the highway.

Equipment in the car should be available on the list. Each country has its own laws and they need to comply, otherwise you may have problems. For example, if you go to the UK you may not think about a fire extinguisher, and in Bulgaria you will be fined for the lack of a red emergency triangle and a reflective vest. The best option is to be fully staffed and be calm.

Put spare bottles of antifreeze, oil, brake fluid, water in the trunk. Not be superfluous is the minimum set of tools, cable, spare tire, clamps, hooks, spare lights. In addition to the standard set of pharmaceutical preparations, complete it, based on the individual situation.

If you still do not use the DVR, it’s time to start. Its cost is minimal compared to the amount in which an emergency could be caused by no fault of yours. And with the camera it will be easy to prove your innocence. While driving, check the condition of the wheels from time to time and refill them if necessary. Small children should sit in a special car seat.

Traveling by car off-road or poor road surface requires special attention in the preparation of the vehicle. In order to increase the throughput of the car and to protect its suspension from damage, spacers are often used to increase the clearance (clearance), you can look and order here They are installed under the front struts and rear springs to slightly lift the car. Modification of this equipment depends on the brand of the machine and the place of installation.

Preparing the driver for the trip

The driver or drivers (if someone from the company has rights) should be as prepared as possible in terms of driving. It is not enough to know the rules of the road in their own country. Going abroad, learn more about the laws of another state.

Study information about communication with DPS officers. No one is immune from “picky” government officials, so familiarity in road issues can be useful.

On the road, observe increased concentration. Remember that in your hands not only your life, but also your fellow travelers. Never get behind the wheel tired or not slept. Losing an hour or so time to rest is not so scary than to fall asleep at the wheel and get into an accident. You can learn in advance about the motels and roadside campgrounds on the way to your destination. There you can relax, take a shower, have a snack and continue your journey with new forces.

Packing bags for the whole family

Packing suitcases for the whole family over long distancesTrips to the weekend do not require special fees. Took a couple of things for the weather, a pair of shoes and you can hit the road. Long journeys require a larger approach. The merits of the car in this regard are not disputable. How to assemble so as not to gain too much, and at the same time do not forget the right. First, you need to make a list for each family member, based on the place to which you are going and its weather conditions.

It will not be superfluous to bring along threads of universal colors, a few needles, scissors. Useful insect repellents and household supplies (spoons, plates, knives, mugs, thermos).

Children, especially small ones, need more things to travel by car. For them it is better to allocate a separate bag and staff it with everything necessary, depending on the age of the child. Collecting things, the main thing is not to get carried away, to have enough space in the trunk.


Making a list for the trip – write down the documents first item. Without them, you are not something to travel, you can not even go outside the country. Each passenger must have the following with him:

  • proof of identity (for an adult this is a passport, for a child – a birth certificate);
  • driver’s license for anyone who plans to drive a car, documents for a car, TO ticket, insurance;
  • medical insurance policy;
  • international passport

It is also necessary to take care of copies of all documents so as not to carry the originals everywhere. If you have acquired a new credit card (or several) before the trip, take from it a document with a PIN code. Do not forget to pre-purchased permits, tickets to events, parks, etc.


What to take on a trip? Selection of clothing must meet the weather conditions. You should not carry with you the entire wardrobe, because more than half you just never wear. Get ready on the assumption that one outfit will last you for two days. By simple calculations, you can calculate the amount of clothes for the entire journey.

In the summer, give preference to light things from light fabrics. For the evening you need to take clothes warmer. Do not forget about bathing suits for the beach or pool. Put a spare set of clothes in the machine, in case the initial ones get dirty or torn. For children, clothes need more, because they get dirty much more often.

Shine take two or three pairs. Of these, one should be open, and one closed plan, the type of sneakers or shoes. This is especially important when traveling to the mountains. The main thing is that you will be comfortable in any conditions.

Hygiene products

Cleanliness must be maintained even in trains. Take everything you need for the first time. For everyone there should be a towel for the face. For hands you can take one at all. Also put a few bathhouses. For girls, the list of hygiene products may be longer than men, but you should not go too far. If you forget something, there is always the opportunity to buy it in the nearest store.

Put a bottle with water in the trunk and put towels in the bag in case you need to wash your hands and wash your face on the way. In the salon, put a small cosmetic bag with wet wipes, antiseptic, pills for motion sickness (especially useful for children), painkillers, sunscreen (if you want to stop on the way near the reservoir).

First aid kit

First Aid KitThe automobile first-aid kit is equipped with everything you need in emergency situations. But besides that, you should have the following medications with you:

  • painkillers;
  • antipyretic, including for children;
  • from poisoning;
  • antispasmodics;
  • burns;
  • from allergies;
  • iodine, brilliant green;
  • antibiotics;
  • throat lozenges;
  • thermometer.

A separate list should be made for traveling by car with children and buy medicines appropriate for their age.

Other equipment and things

In anticipation of the future of recreation and fees on the road do not forget about the camera and camera. Pack them with chargers and memory cards (if provided).

Lovers of selfies are useful monopod. It can get boring on the road, so put your favorite book, crosswords, Mp-3 player with you.

For children, do not forget toys, including for the beach. Just in case, take a spare car key (you never know what). Girls know how bad things happen without a hair dryer, curling iron, epilator, etc. Now you can find all these devices in the marching compact version.

Safety on the road, important tips

All the bags are packed, the car is waiting at the entrance, the mood at the height and it’s time to hit the road. To ensure that everything goes smoothly, follow these tips:

  • minimize night trips or get enough sleep in front of them;
  • Do not go on the road in bad health and on a faulty car;
  • negotiate with your fellow travelers and your loved ones the route;
  • do not travel in bad weather;
  • stock up with the necessary things and food for the first time, then purchase as needed.

Traveling by car is fun and easy, if you do everything by the rules, and not rely on lucky breaks.

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