Indirect and obvious signs that will tell the apartment thief about the degree of your prosperity.

Obvious signs of prosperity are armored doors, luxurious furnishings, three satellite dishes mounted on the balcony, a prestigious foreign car at the entrance, and more. To some extent, things that you and your family members say about your well-being. It’s clear that if your shoulders are decorated with a discreet, $ 800 jacket, and a ring finger with a diamond ring, it means that you will not only find a cot and a soldier’s nightstand attached to it. 

Indirect and obvious signs that will tell the apartment thief about the degree of your prosperity.

Attracting the attention of interested eyes can be an irrepressible waste of money in stores, restaurants, frequent taxi calls, public recount of thick bundles of banknotes in banks, savings banks and exchange offices. The breed, which means the price of your favorite dog. Prestigious amusements, such as golf, yachts and other clubs, gather together, like at a sale exhibition, whole companies of potential victims.

. And teach the children that their language can become an enemy not only to them, but to the whole family.

As for friends, it is advisable to acquire them (just not in the sense of buying) while still in poor youth, in order to be completely confident in them. Very often, newly found business friends and near bohemian life become the most dangerous gunners. And not indirect, but the most direct, that is, receiving a tip on a percentage of the sale of the stolen goods. In modern Russian uncivilized business, there is no concept at all of a friend, from the strength of a comrade … with limited liability. By the way, work, that is, those very partnerships and joint-stock companies, can also serve as a source of disclosure of the secret of income.

Now, from the near circle of potential informants, relatives and friends, we will move on to the far house maintenance staff who enter the house. A wealthy man is surrounded by a host of servants. These are various housekeepers who come once or twice a week, hairdressers, tutors of foreign languages ​​and music, masseurs, furniture makers, painters, etc. The more often your door opens, the more likely it is that among arriving visitors you will come across an unscrupulous or simply overly talkative person who will tell friends about your prosperity.

In all cases, it is advisable to select people hired to your home to carry out certain jobs according to the recommendations of acquaintances, and not through random offices and ads in the Offer Services section. For very wealthy people, security checks new people. The less affluent should take on this function. Sometimes, in order to verify the honesty of incoming people, it is permissible to leave a valuable thing not in the most visible (seemingly accidentally rolled) place. If she disappeared, it is better to get rid of such a tutor immediately. For the same purpose, you can conduct a talk test for an hour or two after talking with your recommended person for life..

If your new housekeeper easily reveals other people’s secrets about prosperity, then it will just as easily give yours. It is useful to find out the coordinates and talk with the previous owners of the invited employee. In a short conversation, you can find out a lot of useful and unexpected information. The third circle of people entering the house are employees of various public and private offices. Most often these are plumbers, electricians and other employees of the housing department, gas workers, postmen, local police, agitators, agents of insurance companies. From the point of view of information disclosure, all of them are also unsafe..

There are many cases when a plumber or a local therapist in his spare time from the main service worked as informants of criminal groups. And the example of an insurance agent looking for another golden calf became simply a textbook after the film Watch out for the car. Strictly speaking, any visitor who had the opportunity to assess the degree of your prosperity is potentially dangerous. The fewer they are, the calmer you will live. When accepting unfamiliar guests or the same police, plumbing, postal and insurance personnel, try to limit their stay in the apartment to one specially allocated room for this.

The less they see about your prosperity, the calmer you will sleep. If the doors to your rooms are constantly open, install the furniture in such a way that the most expensive and prestigious one comes into your eyes first. For the same purpose, in anticipation of the visit of a stranger, it is better to remove especially valuable things that attract attention.

Friends of children who are most difficult to convince not to brag about the abundance of others should be locked in the nursery, limiting their movement around the apartment. Extreme drinking buddies and no less random sexual partners are extremely dangerous. These can not only lead, but also clean up the apartment themselves. The main thing is that they risk almost nothing, since the owner, who had hardly drunk the day before, will remember their faces even after two liters of cucumber pickle drunk in the morning.

Based on materials from the School of Survival during the Economic Crisis.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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