Indirect signs allow criminals to identify apartments where there are no owners.

Now consider the indirect features that allow criminals to identify apartments where there are no owners. Homelessness of the apartment is also, and not from the last, a factor of provocation. There is no greater pleasure for a criminal to rob an apartment without fear that someone might interfere with him. 

Indirect signs allowing criminals to identify apartments where there are no owners.

About your long absence in the house, the observant person is told by such signs as dark windows from evening to night, window panes that cannot be opened in hot heat, glass unwashed for many months in a row, chronic absence of washed laundry on balcony dryers, excess of mail in the mailbox, dead figures on electric meter, wilted potted flowers.

Effective homing can be considered signs such as newspaper ads such as: I’ll give the dog away on vacation or notes on the door like: Guys, the party is canceled. I had to urgently leave. We will be tomorrow. You can invite a thief to visit your apartment, joyfully sharing with the surrounding plans for the upcoming vacation. I was told that one clever thief loved to ride trains, where the relaxed, relaxed coupe neighbors during intimate road conversations told him in detail what they had, where they lived and how easier it was to rob them.

The thief remembered everything, went to the nearest station and, returning to the city from where they had left, cleaned a deliberately empty apartment. The application from the victims to the police came only three weeks later, when they returned from vacation. You can find out about the brief absence of the owners of the house by calculating the arrival and departure schedule for all households. Or listening to the telephone answering machine. Therefore, the answering machine, in order not to point to an empty apartment, should not inform that the owners are away, but, for example, speak in an official voice that this number has been temporarily disabled by the telephone exchange due to damage on the line or for non-payment.

The long chime of the telephone outside the door can also suggest that no one is home. Therefore, the call volume should be reduced to a minimum or the phone should be turned off altogether. To a large extent, the factor that provokes the robbery can be considered convenient approaches to the house (the last in the row summer cottages in gardens and houses on the outskirts of villages suffer from burglars more often than those located in the center) and facilitating the penetration of the terrain into the apartment. Various staircases close to windows and balconies, visors and entrance roofs, trees, branches hanging from branches over balconies, adjacent balconies, etc..

Finally, a straightforward attacking method is possible when criminals ask you in the forehead when you will be away from home and you honestly answer them. For example, they call you from the city telephone exchange and say some kind of nonsense like: We are recalibrating the telephone networks. When will you be home? And tomorrow? And the day after tomorrow? And will there be anyone else? and you faithfully explain when you will, when not. Similarly, the perpetrator may pretend to be an agitator, a fire inspector, or the chief architect checking the shrinkage of the apartment walls..

Most often, children come to such tricky fishing tricks, apologizing that there will be no dad and mom before dinner, and grandmothers too, and I myself will go to school before two. For the sake of persuasiveness, a thief can block your gas (and then the stove appears to be a gas, your stove is functioning?) Or spoil the television antenna (then does the TV master work? No? Do you know that you ditched the cable with your input? Need to be removed. When will you?) . And after all, there really is no gas and the TV does not show … And laden with reality of the incident, you dictate the time of your absence.

I’ll tell you another anecdotal incident that cost the values ​​and things to the residents of a whole block of one new microdistrict. Arriving home in the evening, people at the door of the porches found a beautifully printed ad.

According to the resolution of the City Epidemiological Supervision (the more incomprehensible, the more effective), compulsory baiting of cockroaches and bugs will be carried out in your house. All residents should be at home on the 12th from 13:00 to 16:00 local time. In the absence of put on the stairwells three-liter cans under the poison!

And the tenants, accustomed to obey, put up, designating empty apartments as banks, like lighthouses. Their thieves, as promised, cleared from 13 to 16. Finally, there are ways to actively lure simpleton residents from apartments. One of these was successfully used by the American colleagues of our gangsters, as the newspaper Abroad wrote about in ancient times. The couple received two tickets for a full house show in the mail.

In the attached note it was written: Guess from whom? Spouses pogadali, pagoda yes and went to see the performance. After the performance on the floor of a sterilely empty apartment, they found another note: Now you know from whom. Thanks! Like this. Criminal heads do not sleep, and simpletons are not translated either here or across the ocean. So think before you take anonymous good deeds or tell the phone about your arrival and departure schedules. Better to be suspicious than beggar.

Based on materials from the School of Survival during the Economic Crisis.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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