Individual auxiliary equipment for single hikes.

The equipment and the number of items taken for a camping trip auxiliary equipment category depends primarily on your imagination, capabilities and availability of free space and weight. 

Individual accessories for single hikes.

Do not overdo it, as a rule, almost all of these items of auxiliary equipment are permanent. That is, they will have to be dragged from the beginning to the end of the campaign.

First aid kit.
Tools and repair kit.
Self Defense Tools.
Household facilities.
NAZ or survival kit.

Filling and composition of the first-aid kit is a rather controversial issue and everyone understands it in their own way. However, the minimum that we need to take with us, in our opinion, is.

Individual auxiliary equipment for single hikes.
Victorinox or Wenger. The main tools in it that you will need most often are scissors, an awl, an opener for cans and sometimes a screwdriver. Multitools have more advanced capabilities, but they are much heavier and larger, in our opinion it is most likely an urban tool than a camping tool. To make firewood, take what you prefer an ax, a machete, a folding saw or a chain saw. Unlike an ax, a bunch of a folding saw plus a chain saw is much lighter and smaller in size.

Individual auxiliary equipment for single hikes.
repair kit, including needles, threads, pins, wire, electrical tape, glue, etc..

Individual auxiliary equipment for single hikes.
water purification or a small filter.
5. Insect repellent.
6. Notebook, pen or pencil.
7. Rope 2-3 mm 15-20 meters.
8. Fishing reel 0.5-0.6 mm.
9. Compression gum 1-2 pieces.
10. Self-tapping screws 4-6 pieces, to save the rope when it is tied to a tree.
11. Clothes brush.
12. Carabiners 1-2 pieces.
13. Camera with spare batteries.
14. etc.

Individual auxiliary equipment for single hikes.
survival kit broken quite a few copies. Assemble your NAZ yourself, even if it only enters the sealed and hidden deep in the pocket of the spare box of matches, but the main thing is that it be.

Another look:

Individual facilities for sleeping and relaxing.
Individual means for cooking and eating.
Individual lighting, communication, alarm and orientation tools.
Personal hygiene products.

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