Individual M40 survival kit, components and items, use of items included in the survival kit.

An individual survival kit should always be with you if you spend a lot of time far from civilization (hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, etc.). There are multi-commercial versions of such kits that you can buy. But based on your needs and capabilities, you can choose and assemble an individual survival kit according to your skill and tastes. 

We detail one of the options for an individual survival kit. Below is a list of the elements of such a set and recommendations for their use and application. To be prepared for all occasions, we would also recommend having a home survival kit and a car survival kit, which are stored at home and in the car, respectively.

Home Survival Kit.

This is what every family should think about creating. Remember the hurricanes in America, what America is there, look at our reality, and if you turn off the gas, light or water? And if all together? Having presented all this, we think that you will approach the creation of such sets without a grin and with greater responsibility. To store your home survival kit, a small pantry or other place of your choice would be suitable for storing everything you need in case of emergency.

for example.

Canned food for several days.
Water supplies.
Stocks of various cereals.
Candles, lanterns.
Small Primus and its fuel reserves (gas, gasoline or kerosene).

At the very least, it will help you survive the first time in the event of various unforeseen situations that usually occur unexpectedly..

Car Survival Kit.

May contain.

Blanket or sleeping bag.
Warm clothing.
First Aid Tools.
Other equipment that will make several days, in case of unforeseen circumstances away from home, quite comfortable.

Individual M40 survival kit, components and items, use of items included in the survival kit.

First, about the layout and packaging. As an option, an individual survival kit can be stored in a wide belt sewn from waterproof material with Velcro-fastened pockets sewn from the inside. When folded, this design usually does not exceed the dimensions of the book 25 cm long, 12 wide, 8 thick and weighing about 1.5 kg. But in each case, the decision is of course yours..

Individual M40 survival kit, components and items, use of items included in the survival kit.

Before proceeding to the description of the elements of the individual survival kit shown in the figure, we will dwell on such a necessary thing as a knife. A good knife should provide you everything. From harvesting timber for shelter and bonfire, to making traps and cooking. A good knife is a key element in personal equipment. Some elements of the survival kit are not shown in the photo..

1. Notepad or notebook, preferably waterproof paper (not shown).

Basic information regarding survival, self-rescue, first aid, communication and signaling should be entered in advance. Filling the diary is a prerequisite for self-rescue for victims of disaster. The diary must be filled at least once a day. Correct filling of the diary facilitates the work of the rescue team in providing medical and other assistance, finding other victims, and analyzing the incident. In addition, at your death, he can help in saving your still living comrades. In extreme cases, the diary can be used to make a bonfire and warm your legs.

2. Pencil (not shown).

It is preferable to use a chemical, so that it can be applied to surrounding objects (stones, trees) from a noticeable distance mark. Can be used as a kindling for a fire..

3. Folding knife in addition to the main.

The desired equipment is a blade, scissors, small and large screwdrivers, can opener, tweezers, etc. Preference should be given to folding knives of well-known companies, for example Wenger, Victorinox, Aitor, Gerber, Leatherman. Again, among all this diversity, knives with built-in pliers should be preferred. A folding knife is included in the equipment primarily because your main (main) knife will be a little clumsy for small tasks, such as repairing clothes and shoes.

4. Sling (not shown).

Preferably at least 50 meters or pieces of 10 meters. To save space, you can wrap around the sheath of the main knife. The use of slings in an extreme situation is diverse. As an example, use for the construction of shelters (dwellings), the manufacture of traps, etc. In preparation for the trip, we would also recommend replacing all our shoelaces from cotton on shoes with a sling. The sling is much stronger than any shoelaces sold. This sling consists of an outer nylon shell in which there are nylon threads. Each inner kapron thread itself can withstand a significant load and will be useful in various situations..

5. Whistle, compass, thermometer, magnifying glass.

In this embodiment, the whistle, compass, thermometer and magnifying glass are combined in one housing. The whistle is used to transmit signals. The compass is absolutely invaluable in any extreme situations. A thermometer may be overkill, but if it is, why not. A magnifying glass is always useful for making a fire from sunlight, try in advance on one of the sunny days.

6. Lighter.

This kit contains a MiniBic lighter, one of the limitations is poor performance or even failure in rainy weather and in the cold. Matches, magnesium, and a magnifying glass can be used as duplicates for producing fire..

7. Magnesium.

Just strike with magnesium on the blade of the knife (or on the file, if it is in your additional knife, multi-tool). Be careful not to dull or destroy the cutting edge of the knife. Magnesium ignites, forming a flame similar to a torch, and will burn for several seconds, quite enough to kindle a fire. It can be used as a signaling device..

8. Chemical flashlight.

It is very convenient for short lighting, for example in a tent. It can be used to transmit signals at night. Convenient and takes up little space, if possible, take three or four pieces with you.

9 and 10. Fishing line 0.1 0.3 mm and fishing hooks.

The fishing line is usually sold on reels of 25-50 meters, the tensile load from 1 to 4 kg. If there is not enough space for the entire coil, then you can rewind into a set of 10-15 meters. Hooks take a variety of sizes, do not forget a few tees. Before packing the hooks in a set, check their sharpening, the normally sharpened hook should not slide on the nail.

11. Fishing line 0.3 0.8 mm.

In addition to fishing, large diameter fishing line is useful to you for repairing shoes and equipment, creating traps, building shelters and housing, various mounts.

12. Mirror (not shown).

In addition to the main purpose, it is useful for signaling to ships and aircraft, it can be used to check wounds, rashes, etc. in places that you simply cannot see otherwise. Alternatively, you can use a polished thin stainless steel plate of the desired size instead of a mirror, while one of its edges is sharpened for additional use as a cutter.

13. Compass.

The photo shows two compasses. If you know how to use a compass, this is an invaluable tool for orienting yourself on the terrain, add topographic maps to it as much as possible and the risk of getting lost will be minimized. A liquid type compass with a luminous arrowhead is best. Make sure that it is operational and that you know how to use it. The arrow is subject to rust: make sure it sits on the axis and rotates easily.

14. Needles and a thick thread.

Useful for repairing clothes and equipment, making various baits for fishing. Take a few needles, including at least one with a very large eyelet for threading a tendon or stern thread. Enough strong thread around the needles

15. Safety pins (not shown).

Used for quick repair of clothing and other equipment. Can be used as fishing hooks..

16. Foil.

Used to send and transmit signals. Make a frame of sticks, pull the foil and you will have an additional signal mirror. Useful for collecting rainwater, as a waterproof insulation for the feet, for protection against rain and cooking.

17. Packages.

In everyday life they are used as garbage bags. In extreme conditions, they can be used to waterproof the roof of a built dwelling or shelter, as a bedding for a place to sleep, to collect rainwater or a solar distiller, to pack various things in order to make them waterproof. Large-sized bags with a carved hole for the head will serve as an impromptu cloak.

18. The filter for water purification.

For filtering and purifying water from dubious sources. Pantocide tablets or potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate) tablets, which should always be in your medicine cabinet, can be used as a substitute. To sterilize the water, pour a few crystals of potassium permanganate into it and stir until a light pink color is obtained. To give the water antiseptic properties, bring its color to dark pink. To treat fungal diseases, the color of the water should be dark red.

19. Tablets for water purification.

They purify water depending on its pollution. Usually one tablet is enough, for heavily contaminated water two tablets.

20. Electrical tape.

Wraps around a small ballpoint pen. It is used for the repair of clothing and equipment, as well as for medical purposes. The pen is used as an understudy for a pencil.

21. Surgical strings.

If you have the courage to sew a wound yourself, then you can put surgical thread in your kit. Although invest, in any case, it is not known what .. or who is waiting for you on your way.

22. Tablets against diarrhea in a waterproof capsule.

This disease occurs unexpectedly. And you always need to have a means of dealing with it.

23. Waterproof case (not shown).

Used to store survival kit items..

24. Equipment for the slingshot.

Skin for a stone and surgical tubes, think, if this meets your abilities, and you can hit any moving target from a slingshot, then this is for you. Otherwise, use the free space more efficiently..

25. Packaging, it’s a pan.

Used for packing equipment, can be used for cooking at the stake.

26. Lens.

The size of a credit card is used to light a fire. Due to its small size, it is very convenient to fit in a wallet.

27. Scalpel blades.

It weighs a little, there are two blades in the package. Diverse use.

28. Cash, $ 50 or more (not shown).

Put some money in your survival kit. They will come in handy anyway. Imagine you need to pay a taxi or McDonald’s. By the way … it’s an idea to keep a separate plastic card in any bank in a survival kit, maybe that will help, who knows. Especially if you forget your wallet somewhere &# 128578;

29. Wire.

This component of equipment is used in various cases, from traps, to participation in cooking at the stake..


Note that the wire and fishing line are wrapped around nails. Nails can be used to create shelter, or for other purposes. The thread wraps around three needles.

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