Individual means for personal hygiene during single hikes.

Everyone treats personal hygiene in his own way, as he is used to and how comfortable he is. For some, the principle is relevant: go out into the field live like a pig. (c), and someone can not do without a favorite shower gel. Therefore, in this category we restrict ourselves to describing the minimum in our opinion option for a set of personal care products and a few tips and tricks. 

Personal hygiene products for solo walks.

This list of personal care products can be continued for a long time and filled with various items..

Wet wipes.
Dry wipes.
Toilet paper.
Shaving brush.
Shaving agent.
After shave.
Chewing gum.
Washing powder.

If the trip lasts more than 2-3 days, then what you must take with you is a soap. Size, color, packaging to your taste. No wet towel wipes your hands in such a high quality after a dirty day’s work, you can also wash yourself with soap. Chewing gum to some extent will provide chewing gum. Option oak twig, etc. not consider, this is a separate conversation. A disposable razor, shaving brush and shaving cream (in a tube like a toothpaste) will allow you to shave at the end of the trip and enter civilization in a normal way. If your first-aid kit has some kind of antiseptic cream, then it will completely replace the after-shave cream, then you don’t need to take it separately.

Individual means for personal hygiene during single hikes.
the heliograph will replace the mirror. Otherwise, you will have to look for and take with you a small 5×8 cm mirror for example. It does not take up much space, but a small package of antiperspirant will be very useful. Take a towel with you for an amateur, it can be successfully replaced by a clean handkerchief or a spare t-shirt. Be sure to bring along a roll of toilet paper. In addition to its direct purpose, it will successfully replace napkins, help wipe dishes, light a fire, etc. Ideally, each evening parking should be arranged at some source of water, if this is not possible and it is difficult to wash normally, then cotton wool from the first-aid kit and alcohol will help. Wipe cotton wool soaked in alcohol with armpits, inguinal region and feet, face with an antiseptic damp cloth.

Ideally, socks and underpants should be changed every day, and if you can take a replacement for 2-3 days and do without washing, then for long trips this will be difficult, the volume of the backpack is useful for another, so you need to wash it. For the convenience of washing, bring 150-200 g of washing powder for automatic washing machines, it will foam less and rinse things therefore less. Warm up the required volume of water, fill it in a 30-35 liter plastic garbage bag.

Then add the powder, put things, close the bag and remember with your hands for 5-10 minutes. Then rinse, in a river or lake, if it is nearby or in the same package, pour clean water. For washing, instead of washing powder, you can use a detergent like Gala, which you could take to wash dishes, they wash almost the same way, but Gala after washing gives things a pleasant orange, apple, in general, what smell does it have.

In total, the next option of personal hygiene products for the campaign.

1. Soap.
2. Chewing gum packaging.
3. Disposable razor.
4. Shaving brush.
5. Shaving cream.
6. Antiperspirant.
7. Roll of toilet paper.
8. A pack of wet wipes.
9. Alcohol 200-300 g.

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