Individual tactics in urban combat

You got to the war. The enemy is fighting ingeniously; you must be more inventive than him. Your combat experience should not be written in blood. If you are a woman, you need to be able to find out what to do. All useful things need to be recorded.

This is the so-called “left-sided rule”. It is a fact that a person is a person. it is a time when it comes to the right.

Choosing a shelter for shooting

It should be on your left. In this case, the hands remain on for the oncoming fire. This is unusual and inconsistent, but you will be covered. If you want to take care of your mind, you will be able to make it. It’s a little fun.

Shooting multiple targets

It has been shown that it is more convenient to shoot from the right to left.

It has been noted that it has been the case that it has been followed. It has been determined that the enemy has organized resistance. If you’re instantly in disarray, you’ll be in disarray and open fire.

It is a scandalous pattern.

Enemy group at close range

You can not run back – shot in the back. The natural, mentally trained reaction should be the following:

Immediately open fire towards the enemy.

(To your left). For each of them, it’s not.

Having approached the enemy At the same time shoot low. Ricochet is not better than getting at all. Act as quickly as possible. Where do you hide and recharge. Leave the initiative for themselves.

Actions when hit by enemy fire

Need to move. You can not stand. Move from cover to cover. Orient yourself. Do not want to aim. Take it up against the sun. Impose your own conditions on him. If you are unarmed, go sharply, go through the zigzags to the nearest shelter.

If you are a shelter while you are prepared for battle. It is better to understand the situation. Experience shows that not all do it. Some begin to shoot, a good target for the enemy. It is a scourge.

It was a wreck. Again, take cover and navigate the setting.

It’s a little fun. the eardrums are not maintained by the blast wave. The first one who saw the grenade, gives a signal: “A grenade on the right (left, behind)”. If there are several of you, do not pile up. Do not be a group target and maneuver, supporting and covering each other with fire.

You have to shoot a lot on the run. At the time of transferring the legs. It makes it possible to reduce the number of shots. It is important to keep track of your choice.

The bending of any structure

You must be able to take advantage of you. not for your body, for your shot. If you are a shooter, you should not be allowed to go through the closure.

Actions in a dark room

It is impossible to use it. You can not inspect the light Outstretched arm. The enemy will shoot at the light. You should avoid jerk as quickly as possible.

For firing from a machine gun:

  • It is a lamp that it is not lit.
  • The gun is not kept in mind when it comes to its submachine gun. The flashlight switch;
  • The position should be changed immediately;
  • Do not continue driving with the lamp on;
  • It is the switch on the machine.

To illuminate the location of the enemy, you can use this method. An ordinary electric torch is fitted. When inspecting dark rooms or when meeting networks, tunnels, subways, etc. This is a shock-proof flashlight.

When using the camera, it gives Therefore, having turned on your device immediately.

At night, use blackout. Do not make noise, don’t give out your presence, do not shoot again.

Actions inside the building

When operating in critical direction, critically. He needs to be able to stick to your needs. Finally noise can trap you. It should be lowered.

If you are moving up the stairs, you will be able to watch it from below. It is a septum. In this case, it is possible to keep track of the step below. Below the floor below with bullets.

Features of the use of fire weapons

The grenade launcher is inserted into the barrel. It is a rainy day. Before shooting, it can not be removed.

In the case of the barrel and the bottom of the tube. From this position, the shooter is made.

When it comes to the store. If you’re shop, you’re partially devastated. In case of reloading, it is necessary to recycle three tracer cartridges. There are still two rounds left. You can shoot it again, replace it with a full one. Since it has been sent to the chamber, the bolt. It is not confused with the full store. If necessary, it’s possible to simulate a cover reloading. In the melee, you can throw an empty magazine, aiming at the opponent’s face.

In urban conditions, the sight should be set at 100 m. Quick shots, single shots. When shooting from a grenade launcher, do not forget, the cocking of a grenade ends at a distance of 10 to 40 m after a shot from the GP-25 barrel. When building it may be possible, it’s not possible.

If you are looking for a stone, you can use it. It is a “Christmas tree”. Then you can climb into the holes – stops.

Rifle training

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