Individual training at home

Customized workout at home – a very hot topic, very relevant in recent times. You can achieve progress and even a significant increase in muscle mass. Many start their home workouts “I’m not being recognized!”, but it’s very much

We hurry to clarify this important point – yes, progress If you’re doing so, you’ll be able to in the past. And then individual training at home help you get in shape.

At all “get in shape“Means: tone, tone and strengthens, improve coordination, improve metabolism, endurance, and even improve your resistance to stress.

And no – home to fail. It is not clear that there is a need to increase your body weight.

Therefore, in our case – for a little bit better, of course, for the better. Arms will become “denser”, legs, back, legs, get, stronger. For a significant increase in muscle mass, it is necessary to ensure that there is a significant increase in muscle mass. And, by the way, even there, “pumping up in two months” will not work. Get a gout of “chemistry” buckets. Is based on willpower and character.

It’s not lose weight, In fact, it depends on the strong will and commitment.

Briefly about excess weight loss

It is important to mention fat burning mechanism. The body is never “burned” locally. It is deposited evenly throughout the body, and is also driven evenly. This is called the visceral fat. It is impossible to reduce biceps, training only it.

An integrated approach to the muscle group, plus general, “basic” training. For example, training the conditions of the legs. Their work takes much more energy than, say, when training the press. But it doesn’t have to be trained.

If you are going to get rid of it. The body temperature is higher. So draw conclusions.

But we left the topic …

So, individual training

Our overall condition.

What is important – workout at home do not literally mean “training in the room / house / apartment where I live.” In the garden, in the garden, in the courtyard, in the park You can study alone with a group of partners – it’s even more fun. It is breathing and breathing.

Home workout imply work with its own weight. But there is no need for a bit of space. do not require significant acquisition costs.

We’ve given you the following set of exercises:

  1. push-ups (to failure)
  2. pull-ups (until failure)
  3. push-ups on the bars (until failure)
  4. rest 2-3 minutes

After that, repeat the whole complex twice.

If you’re not sure, you’ll not be able to use it. It doesn’t give you an early start on training.

Therefore, run through the items again.

Push ups

A great exercise for the development of the pectoral muscles and arms (triceps), Do push ups always and everywhere – with wide and narrow arms Further.

Pull ups

The back and arms (biceps). Pull-ups can be a wide grip “to top”, pull-ups “behind the head.”

Backing up the back door, with the “sliding” movement of the bottom bar (in the upper position (just touching the horizontal bar)).

This is an implementation of the indispensable to anything else.

Push-ups on the bars

Concerning push ups on the bars – This is undoubtedly elegant and one of the most effective. basic exercises. But – where now take home the bars? Horizontal bar – where you can hang, and the bars? For example, however, if you go jogging, then you’ll be able to find a platform.

But now we are considering the minimum required workout at home, therefore, the push for ups on the bars narrow push ups, the elbows “rub” on your sides. If you are a woman of the same type of muscle groups, you’re involved. Moreover, such push ups How do I help you?

Leg exercises

The load on the legs must be. It is a good idea to make a difference.

In the above complex exercise on legs No, but the author suggests in this capacity under load or running. If you are running, it is undesirable. For example, it can be used as a pathway, for example, in urban areas (dust, fumes, exhaust gas gases, etc.)

In this case, enough effective load for legs provide squats and / or lunges with low weight.

Additional variations of squats:

  • shallow squats with jumping up (aerobic and dynamic load, recommended in case of overweight),
  • It was a time when it came to the squat.

Press exercises

In the article, it is not a question of the skin. internal organs, including hearts and lungs.

They work differently. But there are few more effective and conveniently, because they require less “external” equipment:

  • bicycle;
  • at the moment;
  • double twisting (without the floor and the back of the knees).

It can be used as a rule of thumb for long periods of time.

Summarizing all the above, you can estimate the minimum program.

Recommended basic program for training at home

  1. Push ups, with wide or narrow position of hands. It is recommended to perform to failure. When you manage to do more than 30 repetitions – begin to modify the exercise: In each new approach, change the position of the hands.
  2. Pull ups, to failure, wide grip “on top” or narrow “to yourself.” Also alternate the position of the hands. If you don’t have enough time to move it up, you’ll be up to it. Make it up. Help your partner, or gymnastic elastic (it is also called a fitness elastic).
    When you can pull up 15 or more times – start using small weights.
  3. Squats, 30 repetitions, and even better – squats with jumps. Take your time, do it skillfully, watch your breath.
  4. Press exercise, 30 repetitions, any of those mentioned above, or those that you like.

Then relaxation 1-3 minutes, and two more circles approach. There should be at least 2-3 such trainings per week, optimally in a day. If you decide to “light load” and “light days” – 30-40 percent of the workout. We recommend that you go to 3-4.

It will be easier – then increase the number of approaches, and you will be able to make it easier. also pushing up) and then jumping out. And press supplement exercises.

But the most important thing in training at home …

It is a way to lose weight. train, even regularly, not enough. There are two more components of success:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Mode

In general, if you need to change your lifestyle. If you’re a little girl, you’ll be bored – then you’ll be easy and interesting. Something like a glass of milk after work.

However, if you’re a little bit life that led you to this. If not drastically, then it’s decided to start with a more fatal effect. This is a high-calorie food.

Next – eliminate fatty, junk food, fast food, sweet, flour.

Next step to train anytime, anywhere. To understand that it is a step. If you are on the car, but walk – go. If you are on the elevator, take the stairs.

It is a time when it’s time to travel. And train.

It is a matter of course. And only then will the result. With no exceptions.

Physical training

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