Information digital trace

I am on the Internet for your business needs. ‘ll have a pretty heavy dossier in the next couple of hours.

Is straining? Me – yes. Therefore, I want to talk about digital trace.

A lot of discussion comes up on mega-corporations like Microsoft or Google use our personal information. It is not clear that it has been summed up. Periodically, there is no need for any information. It can be beneficial. It seems to be irrelevant to everyday life.

However, today we can’t say it’s a bit less powerful. Or neutral. For example, there was no problem.

I’ve been trying to find a gray man. This is more true for online life. I am not an information security specialist (although I’m considering this possibility in perspective). Let’s call the approach that I practice, thoughtful user tactics.

I’m not a family of footprints.

In addition, I’m getting a little hobby – getting acquainted with the network. In particular, it is not a problem. You will be amazed and amazed at it.

I have been able to detect. You can decide whether you’re online or not. I do not want to be able to complete the list. Today we will focus on social networks – VKontakte, Facebook and so on.

1. Linking social media account and phone number

Convenient and necessary, it would seem a thing. All applications annoyingly offer In most networks, you can’t even create your account number. Remember your classic “165 phone number”?

If you’re online, I’m looking for your vacation photos.

Number of social network accounts and applications. Create a mailbox for incoming emails. You need to go there again. But you’ll be able to give you a punch.

2. Required social network account settings

This is not the case for the SMM team. It is important that you do not have access to this information. It is not necessary to keep in touch with real friends.

Do you need to get there? , and then you yourself – because we have 14 common friends). If you are not a member of the group, you can’t even have local businesses.

3. Pictures

I love you to learn about

Always in a very “bright” digital footprint!

Google – search by pictures. If you register at dubious resources, Google often allows you to create the same images. By the way, photo protection from downloading it may not work either. Linkage using neatly cropped screenshots from networks with protected images.


After applying all comments. It is no longer relevant to open groups.

5. Publication of screenshots

This feature is now available with a single click. But there is no need to take a look at it. screenshot. All of this information may be subject to any online security.

6. Arrangements with family members

It doesn’t “merge” to your digital footprint. This applies to all sorts of tags, men, joint pictures, etc.

I will give you one very vivid example. Her family problems. Sexual preferences of her husband. It would seem – nothing special. It is a legal adviser to a large Russian bank.

You can’t see the swoop. And, for God’s sake, do not start accounts for children! If this is not possible, it’s not possible. And set the parenteral control. However, this is a topic for a separate article.

Increase your awareness! Periodically run for your name in services such as Google (including advanced search), Yandex. People, local search within specific social networks. Digital footprint!

Once published, it becomes completely uncontrollable to you.

Information digital trace

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