Information Security: Do not make yourself a victim

It has been noted. Great attention will be paid to survive in real reality. Let’s talk about their own stupidity or indiscretion.

If you have access to this photo, this will surprise no one. If you want to use such accessibility is growing. This is logical. Moreover, bad people every day come up fooling the unsuspecting population of the network.

But for the most part, it’s not seen. The fraudsters are ordinary people playing.

Use common sense

The simplest advice. For example, you can receive a letter of your choice. Many have received such messages, right? Perhaps in a different formulation. It’s not worth it.

It is not necessary to think of it. Free only in mousetrap, yet know.

Let’s move a little from the Internet. It is a question. I want you to blah blah blah. Are you smiling? And take a run. Although you need the number. You can even call the police and clarify whether such or such was detained or not.

Call or sms allegedly from the bank, with a message about blocking your card. Go to the nearest check check ATM, etc. If you can’t go to the “check-out” ATM, thirdly, personally, with the managers, and nothing else.

If you are a harmless person, they are very susceptible.

If you want to have a lot of time, you can check any information. It is not difficult to save your nerves.

Let’s go back to the internet.

Filter what you post to the network

Too banal advice. You yourself provide. It will be up to you to decide how you want it. You have to realize one thing – there’s no problem, forever, then oooochen for a long time. If you’re looking for a photo, you’re not happy. Information and files remain infinitely. Do not be surprised.

Recently, it’s on the Internet. If you’re surprised, you’ll be able to see your personal needs.

Cool doesn’t mean safe

It was not necessary to read the SMS message. GPS module, plus a bunch of services, such as FourSquare, 10 meters.

It’s cool, it’s cool. But …

You can’t find your way through the path. Who needs such a database other than applications and services? In theory, no one, but we are not so naive? No?

Of course, you shouldn’t have to go. via the network?

Information Security: Do not make yourself a victim

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