Initiation of the “Warrior’s Burial”

In modern society, traditions initiation lost or distorted to these units. Previously, this process was ubiquitous. Rituals accompanied our ancestors in everything. Especially important was considered ritual of becoming a man. To do this, they already had to be. It’s a bit different.

As one way initiation used the oldest ritual practicewarrior burial. We are dying leave in the ground, and our essence is reborn.

Practice based on cleansing the body and soul earth energy. The land for our ancestors was a nurse, protector and object of worship. She was respectfully called “Mother cheese land“Thus a circle was formed: a man walks along earth, his respects lie. It makes it possible for you to walk through the land. Land revered Earth gives strength.

Initiation through the burial of a warrior. What is it and why?

The oldest shaman ritual practice, Tibet, Altai, Tibet, Eskimos, Indians … Castaneda. Tighter – when making new fighters in some special forces.

It is done for study death fear, controlling emotions, accepting what hour x someday come. In addition, it’s a unique experience for everyone. Who will take out of practice no one ever knows. It’s better to make it true.

How did the initiation take place?

The second half of the summer. The evening goes into the night. We are driving two cars in the forest initiation. Country road to nowhere from the district center. If you want to find you. Only we are on the road. So, there is no help waiting. I roughly imagine our location and even less understand why it is going there. Stopped, unloaded, gathered and lined up. Found the right path. Last opportunity to turn back, all refuse. Extend.

After a hundred meters, the command sounds: “turn off the lights, vipassana“(practice of silence). We didn’t communicate much anyway, we stopped there altogether. It became dark and quiet. Scary. And he continued: “Now, in complete silence, think about where you are going. What will you do. Realize what you want dig a grave imagine lie in it. You bury. Today is your the last day. Did you plan to live such a life? Are you proud of what you left behind? “- and pauses …

We are going. In my head a heap of thoughts: Why? Where What will happen next? What if they do not dig? Suddenly forget …

Have come. Lit a fire. All silently. Sound only capacious commands from the head. It can be seen as with the approach burials, each of us goes deeper immersed in himself. But until practice was far away. Performed a series of physical exercises body response. It was interesting that when I had a knee, I was thinking about a relationship with my brother. It is impossible. Let go, forgive yourself.

The night of the fire, the dim light of the fire, the all-encompassing silence and me. Everything else went into the background. I remembered moments, I didn’t even suspect, some events were re-experienced. After that the graves and dig. Everyone for himself. The musician was still in the process of recalling and he was still “twirled” by the atmosphere. Having finished grave digging, we completed another exercise. Epitaph. Write the last phrase in life. Someone wrote banal “love. grieve“And someone consciously approached the process.

The time has come x

Before the start of the whole action, the instructor once again reminded us. He answered all the questions and divided us into twos. One buried in, the other is watching him. Just a little – immediately out. Safety is paramount.

I buried first. Lay down, tried on, tried to be comfortable. This is really important. It makes it possible to make it. Lied down. Become to fall asleep. Guys threw me on three handfuls and took up the shovel. The earth poured so that pressed on the body. I realized that I wouldn’t get out myself. When I completely disappeared under a layer of earth, my partner epitaph, a positive answer.

I will not describe in detail my experiences from being in the ground. It was scary, sad, thought a lot about his girlfriend, family, friends. AT earth time flows differently: When me dug up, The first thing they asked was my condition. The instructor conducted a cursory inspection. Everything was OK. Sent to the fire to bask. Then it was my turn to follow my partner. It is easy to find out how he is there.

Having finished initiation practice, we returned to the fire. It is already light. Last task left: Bucket list – 99 things that need to be done before “gone”. I did it earlier, but the moment I got up the graves it was different.

When finished, we packed up and went to the cars. Everyone was silent. Each was immersed in himself. We were reborn, a little wiser, a little deeper. A few hours ago. It was an early morning. Life woke up around us. And we reborn

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