Injuries and injuries of the chest and abdomen, pneumothorax, first aid and field treatment.

Injuries and injuries, traumatic injuries, of the chest can be either penetrating or non-penetrating. Non-penetrating injuries can be with or without fracture of the ribs. In case of fracture of one or two ribs on one side, it is enough to apply a pressure dressing of any material and give the victim any pain medication. 

Injuries and injuries of the chest and abdomen, first aid and field treatment.

In the event of a fracture of a greater number of ribs, urgent hospitalization of the victim in a half-sitting position and, if possible, a large number of anti-shock measures are necessary. With various injuries, as well as with a blunt chest injury leading to a rib fracture, bone fragments can damage the pleura and lung tissue, in which case penetrating chest injuries occur.

. With untimely surgical care, the death of such victims is inevitable. First aid and treatment rest and pain relief whenever possible.

Based on materials from the book Encyclopedia of Survival.
Chernysh I. V.

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