Integrated security system

Security is one of our basic needs. And it is not only about any gopniks. Financial security – the ability to protect your deposits. Social security – ability to protect their position. Body security – This includes medicine, physical education, massage and more. Road safety – There is a car on the back door, a “spare wheel” The safety of their loved ones – But you don’t have enough money to attach bodyguards to your children. Who will be returning from school? And much, much more … Below we briefly describe the system developed Georgy tsedilkin, co-founder of ten years of experience in this field.

In fact, there is a need for a personal security system – because of the situation. Therefore, it’s possible that you’ve been able to “build your fortress”

Building a personal security model

The dangers are endless. Neither time nor money is enough to protect oneself from everyone. As Rustem Khayretdinov, who earned millions of precisely on safety, said:

“The fence shouldn’t cost more than a barn.”

You don’t need to be more expensive. For example, if you have 50,000 rubles.

The second postulate: security is not a project, but a process. You can not just take it and make everything safe. The world has been changing, you are the route, the routes have … The security model.

How does a building security model begin? Firstly, the choice of hazards must be protected! What are relevant for you, which are not? The “threat model” answers these questions. It consists of a list of “your” dangers.

For example, if you live in a criminal area, then Gopnik will be included in your model. If you’re not in this area, it’s not so hard to believe.

You must include, say, drunk passengers (or passersby) in the model. If on a personal car – drunk drivers.

Threats are divided into 3 categories:

  • social (drunk, inadequate, aggressive personalities)
  • technical (escalators, bare or fallen wires, gas stove, elevator, etc.)
  • natural (ice, lightning, hail, hurricane, animals, etc.)

Extreme sports, bad habits, etc. But here, too, there are nuances.
What is the gopnik or a drunken lout in the courtyard or bus? What is the probability of getting into an accident?

How to fill the table of hazards

The result should be a table. In the left column, you list your dangers, the next is their probability.

You should carefully go through your routes, make sure you’ve got to know your ways. Each of us has such standard routes. There isn’t so much of them – usually 5-6, maximum 9. Going consciously along with the usual route.

For example, it is a chance to meet a drunken boor. It is a chance of falling and injuring. A crowded bus or train is a high probability of pickpocketing. There is a list of things that can happen to us. That is a list of threats. Gradually, the “library of threats” will expand.

Now about the probability. How to calculate it? There are two main ways: using statistics and expert evaluation. Statistics can be found in open sources. How many robberies, how many pickpockets, how many fights does it take in your area? Well, expert assessment of your friends. How many accidents have you heard?

Suppose, from statistics, you know what a month is in your area, where 50,000 people live, 5 robberies are committed per day. Consequently, the probability of a robbery in your area is 0.001% per year. That is, there may be a robbery – once in 3 years. Of course, this is a conditional example.

Well, let’s say, over the past year, only when you were at the intersection there were already 5 accidents. Their probability is much higher. This way you parse each threat from the list. The first time, the habit is hard and dreary, but quite real. Or you can also contact the specialists.

In the case of this threat. Therefore, a “Damage” column should be added to the table. It is a time of 3 years, if there is a loss of time, it can be 333 rubles.

Now we calculate the damage from getting into an accident. With the help of time management, you can calculate how much your time is worth. And then we count how many days we will lose. For example, it’s broken lost. Plus medication. May be the amount of about 300,000 rubles. And it may happen.

It immediately becomes clear. Of course, we’re not talking about a gangster attack. There is already a possible disability, and the price is much higher. But for example given for comparison is about something else. When someone just doesn’t have enough for a bottle. Again, we must analyze each situation separately.

There are a number of ways to go. That is, prioritize.

About violators

Now go to the “model of the offender.” The intruder is the one who violates your safety. There are no threats to be realized by people – they are called violators.

Violators are divided into 2 categories:

  • internal
  • external

Internal violators are those who are conditionally located inside the perimeter of your defense. Members of the near circle. Your family members. Of course, it’s not about creating things that are about beforehand. Moreover, relatives can be intruders without any malicious intent. For example, a trip to a parent, a child who has flushed …? If you’re looking out for a shower, you can’t make it. In general, it will be possible to find surprisingly surprising discoveries. Situations.

For example, if you were a couple of children, you could’t play. The person begins to realize the damage. Irregularities are error and inattention. The relatives may have offenses. For example, an information resource can be used. It’s a way to get it. Of course, it’s unwise to row one size fits all. We need, again, an individual approach.

External violators – hooligans, alcoholics, inadequate people, competitors. It is necessary to prescribe their motives. Do you want to see how cool you are? In these cases will be different. Such persons have their favorite places (shopping centers, kiosks, entrances), or routes. Consequently, it’s not necessary to meet your requirements.

How to resist

It can sometimes be a problem.

Organizational measures (orgmery) are less costly (in relation to technical), and more effective, as evidenced by many years of practice. (Although, sometimes an organizer may not be cheap – moving to another area.) What are organizers? These are rules of behavior, rules of interaction with other people. After assessing the threats What is important, is it a personal, concrete assessment.

For example, it takes you a car on the phone. He said that he would like to have his relatives and friends: “Dad (Vasya, Sveta), come out, meet. The number of such a machine. Of course, it’s a man’s voice that you’ll die out. But this is optional. Even if there is no one to call, you can imitate such a call. And this already removes a huge percentage of possible troubles.

Another option is to choose your ATM for a withdrawing money. Or even opening an account in a new bank. For example, you’re usually in a disadvantaged area, where often there is a “gop-stop”. Or where you can often find yourself in the car? In any case, the damage will not be more than 500 rubles.

And it happens to be salary in cash. Hen’t go up to 50,000 – 70,000 rubles. Here, even your car can not guarantee safety. What to do? You can find a bank there. There is no need for a pin-code and the like. The card must be protected if you put large amounts on it.

Or, for example, it was possible to get a card. One card to pay. Using the phone for another for 2 minutes. Therefore, nothing could be stolen from the “payment” card. Of course, in this case, the phone must be protected. Many used it.

In general, you need to work out every risk.

Technical measures are not required. Say, a flashlight – Especially if you can safely break your leg. The flashlight should not be a separate device, not a built-in phone.

You simply can’t physically track him. Program to control movement. If the child goes beyond the established route. You can also set a specific time. It is a time when it comes to the RRT (rapid response team). There are no restrictions on the number of friends and relatives.

There are also so-called “buttons of life”. It is true that it is not only for a couple of years. It can be more “breaks”, it can be more than that. For example, these same assholes can sue him. There are plenty of such examples. In Moscow, the GDI can be reached in 5 minutes.

This is not a coward case.

Security audit

The audit should take place at least 2 times a year. If this is an internal audit, you’ll carry out an orgmer. It is an external audit plan. professionals.

For example, it takes you a few steps to make it. It is necessary to explain, teach, or go through training with him. It is not a game. It’s a playful way.

Separately discuss children. (Back to school, shop, music group, group, group) and back. How do you think he needs to walk. And then compare. We guarantee – you will also find many interesting discoveries. It is quite possible. For example, it’s not a problem. It’s a little fun.

If you’ve been able to run around the road

This is a chapter from self-defense in the street, written with experienced professionals. All your loved ones. Read on this page. (c) Mikhail Didenko, Russian Style of Survival.

Integrated security system

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