Intelligence agencies: Australian Security and Intelligence (ADB)

In our brutal time, no state can exist without an effective reconnaissance and counterintelligence apparatus. It is the most important guarantors of the country’s independence. And even if it is not a problem.

It has been particularly interested in the British Empire. But the twentieth century made its own adjustments. It was not a capitalist camp. Therefore, it was not founded Australian Security and Intelligence (ASBR)


1945-1949 British staff MI-5 It has been found that it has been the case for international relations. There was no question. And in 1949, it was a directive for the British Counterintelligence. And in 1950, the organization has been working actively.

For a long time ASBP – Soviet spies and agents. And, I must say, the Australians relatively successfully resisted them. Information that has been “non-grata” and has been expelled from the country. But then the situation changed. International Syndney, accompanied by international relations.

Charter and organization

Currently the organization employs about 1,700 people, information about which is completely classified. Moreover, the secret of the regime does not work.

the main problem ASBR – his staff cannot detain and use weapons. Only the collection of information and advice. It is the Australian Federal Police. Or rather the judicial authorities for the warrant.

Exactly. For most of their activities, agents ASBR must receive warrants signed by the attorney general. But if it turns out to be, then it turns out to be a turn around. Australian security has the right to:

  • intercept and inspect packages, letters and emails
  • use hidden surveillance devices
  • remotely penetrate any records
  • the covertly enter the premises
  • forcibly interrogate suspects terrorists, inspect them, passports, prevent them from leaving (or entering) the country. Helpers of police officers.

But in general, the main task ASBR – only the collection of information, its accumulation and processing. In this case, we will be able to complete our operations. Most often they come to the world law. Australian intelligence comes together with a special intelligence organization5 eyes“Which also includes the USA, UK, New Zealand and Canada. Also in scope ASBR more recently included the fight against smuggling

High-profile cases

Petrov case. 1951 Volodymyr Petrov, Volodymyr Petrov, Russia I want to live ASBR, also take secret documents with you. He was given this opportunity. Received the plane. This information is obtained from Petrov.

Sydney Olympics. 1997 Mass gatherings of people – a great target for terrorists of all stripes. But Australia didn’t have to clouded by unpleasant incidents, so ASBR switched to high alert mode. A number of measures have been taken to improve security. The absence of incidents ASBR knows his stuff. Not that the Brazilian special services at the current Olympiad …

Sensational revelations Edward snowden Not spared and ASBR. He said that he wasn’t on the move. on the activities ASBR. Shortly thereafter, Australian ambassadors were expelled from Indonesia.

As you can see, even being on the outskirts of the world, you can effectively protect yourself. And including thanks to the actions ASBR Australia is one of the most desirable places for immigration. (I personally have an acquaintance who did receive Australian citizenship, which he absolutely does not regret).

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