Intelligence agencies: National Agency of the Republic of Korea

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It’s not a common enemy. It is necessary to ensure that these instruments are in the field. It was not the same time as the rule. And the state acquired a repressive apparatus.

Where it was in the Republic of Korea, where the predecessor organization National Intelligence Agency they got it somehow. But first things first.

History of creation

National Intelligence Agency.

How effective were the actions of this organization? Well, they’ve missed the North Korean submarine. However, there were not so many loud failures, because there wasn’t much effort to concentrate on counterintelligence.

Structures and tasks

The main tasks assigned to National Intelligence AgencyThese are as follows:

  • There has been a great deal of information about the community. This is the responsibility of department 1.
  • Protection of classified materials, developments, closed institution and their personnel. In fact – counterintelligence. Entrusted to the department 2.
  • Violation of military secrecy and national security. Active counterintelligence. Department 3.
  • Of staff meeting. Internal Police. Department 4.
  • In-field intelligence and internal security. Including interaction with friendly special services. Department 5.

But it is official. Unofficially, the National Intelligence Agency collectedly collected information about the country of the country. Well, right – what is your weak points. Influence on dissidents. Well, yes, the repressive apparatus was extremely active.

Position now

North Korea has never diminished. Especially lately during the training session, it’s possible to understand. So from its original task National Intelligence Agency does not refuse

Another thing is to struggle with the “internal enemy.” It is easy to use. It was actively used for political purposes. Eliminate a competitor? Easy. Let us show you how to sympathize with the North Korean regime. Well, or something worse. Democracy is already bulging. Freedom of conscience and words applauds. Until the 1994 National Intelligence Agency It was announced that he would not be in civilian affairs. And stop interfering.

However, intelligence continues to be used for political purposes. For example, in 2012 with her help. Millions of emails were sent that glorified one presidential candidate and denigrated another. How did you guess about it? South Korean citizens? So they don’t really like. Is still too fresh.

The “totalitarian” Korea and the South “democratic”. After all, there is a fairy tale about it, “Trying to overcome a dragon,” South Korea did not succeed.

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