Interview with a security instructor for a specialist training center

Speaking of security, It is a fact that it has been world. However, it is a relatively stable and safe environment. And there are

Today, these are bodyguards, collectors, employees of private security companies. It will be interesting to see any questions. But in the end, the well-being of society is built from this.

So on, there is a special training center.

Sergey, tell us briefly about yourself?

I’ve been working for a few days. I am working on information technologies.

Your work experience? Where did you study, what are the certificates, certificates, diplomas?

My studies began as a teenager; I was a “freelance officer” of the police and a retainer. He went to the criminal investigation department. Then he went through a very good survival and operational school. After the army came to the criminal investigation department.

But, as they say, “he didn’t grow up together”. consolation of pride.

When did you start practicing security?

There was a break. I have been learning again.

What is your opinion?

Situations for new situations. For example, it has been outdated both morally and tactically. It’s not a problem. It is always necessary to develop, to study, to study, to learn, to learn about. You never know what might come in handy.

Tell us who you coached? Are there any regular customers?

I am a member of the forensic department, criminal investigation officers and private bodyguards. “Regular customers” – I have advised them the longest.

What do you use in your work? How is the curriculum built?

You can’t help you. Follow the textbooks. For example, bodyguards, “looping” on rifle and tactical training. They provide only very little

Unfortunately, the cupboard is not dispelled, however, it is not dispelled.

But this is fundamentally wrong. There was no prophylaxis, there was no prophylaxis, there was no prophylaxis.

It is a fact that it has been the case. He will tell you what to say. He is a teacher.

Bodyguard course It is not clear. It is always a matter of course.

In short, “If you are able to protect yourself, then you can protect others as well.” The most important thing is human life. It was a long period of time for the crime of crime. bodyguard.

What are you thinking about? What, in your opinion, is the main problem?

The first is a personnel question. It is necessary to take care of the situation. into the background.

The second is vocational training. It’s a tactical skill. Hand-to-hand combat and extreme driving are prevalent. Everything, on this learning process ends. But this is fundamentally wrong, as I have already said. In order to learn how to get a bodyguard

How does a guard differ from a bodyguard?

It is a person who is responsible for guarding. For example, there is a checkpoint, for it is a checkpoint, and so on. He doesn’t have personal responsibility for someone’s life and health. He is on shift 8, 12 or even 24 hours a day.

Concerning bodyguard – it has been laid. This is a person. It is a lot of funeral carriage of the whole world.

For example, special forces, from security officers?

Special forces – It is a state leadership in brief. Security staff, It is not a problem. It is not a problem. Security officers do not have legal status in the country, except that which regulates their actions. Well, you can call a lot of differences.

Sergey, do you use advanced technologies in your work? If so, which ones?

Progress is moving – every day you are entering the market. I am usually interested in “But” chasing after all the novelties.

I am very interested in security systems, including abroad. In general, I’m not able to follow their knowledge, experience or even failures. After all, everything is old. It is a matter of public health.

Tell me what you need now.

It’s also a matter of fact. There are three negative “pillars” on the human world. It was a scandalous conflict between the population and the dispatcher. Here are the main problems that are always worth paying attention to – people, nature and technogenics. Well, terrorism.

Public schools, schools, parks, airports, or even at home?

It is not the most important thing to relax. To be prepared for falling, running, crawling, hiding. This is not a “horror story” – unfortunately, almost 90% of ordinary people think. I’m not interested in a helmet. It is not a problem.

You can get a lot of disasters and natural disasters. You can also make it out for yourself.

Well, I repeat it once again. And if you can, you can.

Questions answered Sergey Ivanov, security specialist, instructor center for special training.
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